4 Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer Women

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Breast cancer is a disease that is highly virulent and can cause death. This fact is of course very intimidating and can provide its own concerns for women. But if you can react wisely, then you do not need to be afraid of excessive fear will never give any solution. Instead, you have to find out information about how to prevent breast cancer, then apply it directly. Given the disease has no cure breast cancer, the most realistic step is prevention. You can listen to our review on how to prevent breast cancer below.

How to Prevent Breast Cancer:

• Stop Drinking Alcohol
If you have the habit of drinking alcohol, then you should refrain from bad habits from now on. The habit of drinking alcohol will make people have an increased risk of breast cancer up to two times higher than those who did not drink alcohol. In addition to causing cancer, alcohol is bad for overall body health.

• Exercise Routine
This method may sound corny, but the fact that regular exercise will have great impact on health, including the prevention of breast cancer. One of the causes of breast cancer is the lack of moving and too often spent in front of television screens or playing games. Therefore, you should start getting regular exercise so that your body is always moving every day. What sport is suitable? You do not have to spend a high cost, because of mild exercise can give good results if done regularly for at least 30 minutes a day.

• Controlling Weight
Other causes of breast cancer are obesity. Therefore, you should avoid obesity that Bose spared from the deadly disease. How to? Of course, with regular exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy foods that are low in fat, and reduce the intake of calories. Having an ideal weight not only reduces the risk of breast cancer, but will also affect the appearance.

• Consuming Soy Products
Soybeans are known as one of the natural ingredients that can prevent breast cancer. Some soy products recommended for consumption are soy milk, tofu, and tempeh.

Those are some tips and ways to prevent breast cancer. All tips are of course not arbitrary, as has been recommended by the experts in breast cancer. You have to apply all the tips above, starting from now in order to avoid the malignant disease. Although basically all these tips do not guarantee one hundred percent will free you from cancer as breast, but at least these tips will reduce the risk doubled. A few summary, we can share about how to prevent breast cancer, may be useful.

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