5 Foodstuffs Effective Create Remove Blackheads

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Want to always look beautiful in fact does not necessarily have to use a lot of makeup. In fact, many women who really look stunning though not wear makeup. In essence, the skin clean and healthy enough to represent you still look beautiful. Although so simple, in fact, it is not easy to keep the skin in order to keep it clean and healthy. Because, blackheads and acne are two disorders beauty issues most experienced. Both of these problems usually arise because we are still adopting a healthy lifestyle, such as eating unhealthy foods, smoke, forget to clean your face before going to sleep, lack of rest, and others.

If you want to get rid of blackheads, 5 of these foods, you can use to resolve the issue. Any 5th these foods?

1. Lemon
Fruits are rich in vitamin C can use to help remove blackheads. The trick, drop some lemon juice on a cotton ball and then apply on the face of blackheads. When you choose these foods to get rid of blackheads, you may feel a slight stinging. However, that does not matter because in this way is effective enough to get rid of blackheads.

2. Tomatoes
Not much different from the lemons, tomatoes also contain vitamin C which will help fight blackheads once rejuvenate dull skin. If you want to choose foods on this one, you simply rub some ears of tomatoes in the face are blackheads. Allow to dry, then wash with cold water.

3. Orange peel
You may not know that the skin of oranges contains vitamin C which helps detoxify the skin. To use it, minced orange peel dry to a powder. Orange peel that has been powder was then mixed with a few drops of lemon. Apply on the face of blackheads. Let stand for 10 minutes, then rinse with water.

4. Milk
Materials that all four should you combine with lemon and salt. For a comparison of the ratio between the milk, lemon, and salt is a 2: 1: 1. After you create, apply on the face of blackheads. Let stand for a few moments, and then wash with water. This way you can repeat 3-4 times a day.

5. Almond
Almonds also you can use to get rid of blackheads on the face. The trick, crushed almonds and mix with a little oatmeal and rose water. Apply to the face of blackheads, then wash with cold water.

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