5 Healthy Way That Works for You to Sit for Hours at The Office

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Sometimes there is always a reason why people become less healthy. Usually they will argue with reason too old to sit down while working in the office. Actually, there are many ways to stay healthy even though you doing just sitting in the office. Quoted from Health me Up (11/4), this is the way that you stay healthy and fit even if you work too long sitting in the office.

1. The parking of vehicles for
This will help you to walk a little farther. So that physical fitness is maintained. Walking proven to reduce cholesterol and minimize the likelihood of heart disease. In addition, walking can also help prevent type 2 diabetes, weight loss, boost the immune system, reduce stress, and preventing osteoporosis.

2. Avoid lifting
As much as possible you force the body to walk his way up the ladder. Although there is an elevator in the office, you should use the stairs alone.
If by chance your office is on the 10th floor, then you can go up and down the elevator on the 5th floor rest you can use to climb the ladder to be healthy.

3. The avoid is chatting
If you custom chat to communicate with colleagues, better start now slightly reduced. If your friend is a chair not far from your chair, then use legs to walk and discussion there.
It may seem inefficient, time-consuming and energy. But believe me, it will make you healthier.

4. Perform exercises at your desk
No doubt that a lot of boredom and fatigue when you work sitting all day. Keep you can spend two hours to stretch the muscles. You can gymnastics-small gymnastics for circulation.
It may also be possible to expel drowsiness and muscle pain due mostly sitting.

5. Drinking water
Wherever possible, provide a glass of water and not to forget. Do not let your body dehydrated. Water can maintain fluid balance in the body to control calories and lose weight, increase energy, maintain kidney function, increase productivity, prevent aging, restore mood, improve brain function, as drug fever, improve the circulatory system, and so forth.

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