5 The Herb Ginger is Able to Stop Diarrhea Annoying

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Anyone who has had diarrhea would agree that one of the problems the stomach is very disturbing. Annoyingly for heartburn twisted and difficult to stop, which certainly makes you so back and forth to the bathroom to pee.
Stop diarrhea by taking medicine will indeed make it clogged quickly. However, there is usually a side effect is that you even become constipated. Well, that's good you choose a natural way to treat diarrhea is by drinking ginger ale or ginger processed. Of course, if only eating ginger will seem boring. Here are some of the herb ginger is not only good, but also useful to stop the diarrhea.

Ginger with honey
Grate a piece of fresh ginger and add a tablespoon of honey. Honey is known for its antibacterial properties in it. Thus, consuming this herb is able to stop diarrhea occurs.

Ginger with sugar
Ginger has a bitter taste and pungent. Taking them directly can indeed make you feel uncomfortable. For that there is no harm if you eat grated ginger mixed with sugar. This natural herb is able to cleanse your digestive system so that the bacteria that cause diarrhea will disappear.

Ginger with lemon
After grate the ginger, squeeze out the juice up. Then mix the premises of warm water and a squeeze of lemon water. To add flavor, sprinkle a bit of black pepper. This herb is effective to cure diarrhea.

Ginger with cinnamon
Such as ginger, cinnamon also has medicinal benefits. An eating concoction of both natural materials is very useful to stop diarrhea.

Ginger with coconut water
Ginger is rich with medicinal properties. While coconut water is high in vitamins and minerals. Drinking coconut water mixed with ginger is an effective herb for treating gastrointestinal pain and make your body stay healthy.

In addition to drinking the potion, you are also obliged to consider the consumption of water in the body. For diarrhea capable of depriving the body fluids and make you dehydrated, which can worsen diarrhea.

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