8 Drugs a Sore Tooth Cavity That Natural

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As a toothache pain is more than heartache. Toothache is indeed very agonizing. We are so hard to eat, talk and more. There are myriad causes of toothache hollow among others far too often to eat sugary foods, brushing teeth etc.

Cavities are usually attacked on molars. That's what makes us hard to eat and biting food. If you have cavities too large you could take her to the doctor. But before going to the doctor, maybe you could heal cavities with dental pain medication following this naturally perforated.

8 Drugs a Sore Tooth Cavity That Natural

1. Lemon
Lime can be a pain medication cavity naturally. Do I squirt the juice of lemon juice on the part of the tooth that is perforated. It feels will be stung, but the pain of his teeth will quickly disappear. This vitamin C could cure toothache perforated.

2. Clove
Cloves have a content of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial and as anesthesia that can heal wounds and kills the bacteria on the teeth are hollow. A trick squirt of clove oil in a glass of water then makes water as a mouthwash. It also can be a way to shed the clove oil on a cotton swab and then paste on your teeth that is perforated.

3. Salt
From past salt has very potent pain medication made cavities. The content of iodine that can eliminate the pain of toothache. How to input a little salt in warm water. Then please gargle with water several times and the long pain would disappear.

4. Pepper
Here's how you grab the pepper and salt mix into one. Add a little water until the pasta is shaped. Then apply the salt and pepper paste on the part of the tooth that is perforated. Let stand a few minutes, then rinse with clean water. Do this activity several times until the sick cavities healed.

5. Red Onion
Onion can also be a pain medication cavity. The onion has antimicrobial and antiseptic that can also cure the toothache. Do I take 1 piece of onion, peeled his skin. Chewable onion on your mouth. If you can't chew. You can put the onion on the tooth that is perforated.

6. Garlic
Garlic has antibiotic properties that can kill bacteria in cavities. So the tooth does not feel the aches and pains again. Do I take 1 garlic clove, growing until smooth, then add a little salt. Apply the garlic on the collision of the tooth that hurts. Do routinely to pain in the cavities of your heal.

7. The leaves of the Guava
The leaves of the guava seeds can also be used as a hollow tooth pain remedy. Chew some leaves of guava that has already cleared. Or it could be by way of mashing guava leaves and then apply it on the part of the tooth that hurts.

8. Tamarind Seed
It's easy to grab some tamarind seeds. Few minutes to toast a bit dry. Tamarind seed mash until smooth, then DAB on the part of the tooth that is perforated.

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That's 8 natural ingredients that can be made into a hollow tooth pain remedy. Do the routine way to recover your toothache. If it still feels pain you need to unplug the teeth so as not to interfere with your daily activities. keep the health of the mouth and teeth by means of regularly brushing my teeth twice a day and after eating. Other than that not too often to eat sugary foods and also the food is still hot.

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