Beware Characteristics TB disease before it's too late

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As Indonesian society, knowledge of the characteristics of tuberculosis is an important thing. Why is it important? Because the number of TB disease in Indonesia is very high compared to other countries. TB disease can affect anyone with not know the age, social status, economic status and gender. The danger, TB disease has an impact that is not playing games that can take someone's life.Tuberculosis is a disease caused by infection with the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This disease is one of the oldest diseases in the world. 

Even researchers speculate that King Pharaoh Tuthankamun died of this disease. One important thing to note is that TB is a curable disease. But 5000 people around the world die every day from TB. This happens because the treatment is not done quickly.Characteristics of TB Disease You Need to KnowGiven the disease is quite dangerous if not treated then the knowledge of the characteristics of TB disease should be known by the common people. Treating the disease in the early stages is much easier than the stage that has been further. Fever, especially at night is one of the characteristics of TB disease that emerged in the course of the disease. Usually in the morning until late afternoon the body feels fit, yet strangely toward evening the body will feel weak followed by fever.  

The body temperature during a fever is usually not too high. Fever at night can last a long time of more than 3 weeks even though it has been treated using fever-reducing drugs. Night sweats following the drop in body temperature after the fever is very unique as the characteristics of tuberculosis. Although the temperature at night or at dawn has been cold, but the agency will issue a lot of sweat. In fact, usually the sweat generated more than sweat during the day. This can make even sweat shirt gets wet, and sufferers often changed clothes at night. Night sweats can be followed by chills, although not happen to everyone. Loss of weight and appetite are characteristic of tuberculosis third. Weight loss can occur even when the patient feels that his appetite is fine.  

In addition due to lack of food intake, weight loss caused by substances secreted by bacteria that can make your body uses a lot of energy so that a breakdown of the food reserves in the body. Because tuberculosis is a disease of the old course of the disease process, sometimes the patient and his family did not realize that his thin body is the work of the TB germs. Infection TB germs also mempbuat a person loses his appetite that he so limiting portions and eating frequency. Fatigue and malaise that is often felt even though no strenuous physical activity is also a characteristic of tuberculosis even though less specific. Usually the patient will feel tired and dispirited excessive even though he had a lot of wear energy on that day. Patients can also feel his body aches and frequent headaches.

Pale skin color is characteristic of TB disease that occurs when you are short of red blood cells. TB disease is superbly run time can and usually will cause the situation to lack of red blood cells or so-called anemia. Shortage of red blood cells can make skin tones especially in the limbs to become paler. Coughing are the traits of a common lung disease. But in tuberculosis, cough caused usually slow. That is, initially the cough is not followed by the formation of a dry cough sputum alias only; over time, even phlegm coughing phlegm thick, yellow green and a bit smelly. When untreated, sputum can be mixed with a little blood. Even worse, over time will not contain the cough sputum but only emit pure blood. Usually these symptoms last more than three weeks. Chest pain can occur when TB disease already involves a layer of the lung called the pleura.

The characteristics of tuberculosis showed that the TB germs are no longer only infect the organs (lungs), but has spread to other organs. Pain is mainly felt right when taking and breathed out. Shortness of breath is the characteristics of his advanced tuberculosis and untreated. In contrast to the characteristics of other lung diseases, people with TB disease has just happened would not normally issue a shortness of breath. Lumps or enlarged lymph nodes in the neck may occur in tuberculosis. Actually, the TB germs are not only attacks the lungs, but can affect all organs of the body. Lung is the organ TB germs favorite number 1 and number 2 organ that became his favorite is the lymph nodes located around the neck. Lumps may involve one or more glands and is usually not painful when pressed. Pulmonary TB disease can and often involves the lymph nodes so that the culprit. Laboratory tests of blood can help experts medical personnel to diagnose tuberculosis. Blood test results you can characterize tuberculosis.  

Some things that are typical of the blood test results of tuberculosis patients is the lack of red blood cells (seen in hemoglobin, hematocrit and red cell count), increased white blood cells (leukocytes) although certainly not happen to everyone, and the value of platelet slightly increased. Thoracic or chest X-ray examination is one of the examination is supporting a diagnosis of tuberculosis. On chest x-ray photograph can be found lesions or white patches in the lung. To be sure, consult your doctor roentgen picture. Sputum is to enforce pulmonary tuberculosis. When phlegm you have checked in the laboratory and found the TB germs then you can be assured of 100% exposed to tuberculosis. To do sputum examination, consult your ttubuh conditions and symptoms to your doctor so the doctor can help direct diagnosis of your disease.Diagnosed with TB disease is not a death sentence. Do not also assume that tuberculosis is a disease bgai you or a family disgrace. Remember that this disease can be treated with a fairly high success rate as long as you always take medicine discipline and control to the doctor. By knowing some characteristics of TB disease is often the case, I hope you are always wary when you or your relatives are showing symptoms like above. Do not hesitate to go to the doctor in order to take the next rational step.

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