Broken Heart Syndrome Harmful to Heart

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Death of spouse, we love would have caused a sense of anguish. Heartbroken is apparently also have an impact on physical health. Evidence showed, death or loss of someone very close to us also caused serious damage to the heart. In a recent study in Denmark, a heart condition was caused due to heart rhythm disturbances. The impact can be settled.

People who lost loved ones 41 percent will experience a heart rhythm disorder one month after the death of his partner. The risk is greatest in young people and the death of a spouse occurs suddenly or unexpectedly.

Researchers have long studied the phenomenon called stress cardiomyopathy, or broken heart syndrome, that the stressful event, such as the death of a spouse, and can cause a person to experience symptoms similar to a heart attack.

Symptoms include shortness of breath and chest pain, but there was no blockage of blood vessels.
Experts suspect that the symptoms triggered by stress hormones caused by emotional events.
Increased levels of these stress hormones can cause inflammation and uncontrolled imbalance in the nervous system.

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