Causes and How to Overcome Dry Lips With Natural Ingredients

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The lips are less healthy will usually cause few problems at the surface. Health problems are often caused is chapped lips and dry lips. In addition to making you feel uncomfortable, both of these health problems often can cause pain.The cause of chapped lips and dry mouth are quite diverse. Some of the causes of which are as follows.

Dehydration is a major cause that can make the lips become dry and cracked. Usually someone will be licking his lips so that it can minimize the problem on his lips. In fact, these habits, even create increasingly dry out the lips.

Smoking can lead to many health problems, one of which is able to interfere with the moisture of your lips. Besides that, it also can fade the color of your lips.

Not only cosmetics that could damage the health of your lips. Certain types of drugs also have side effects that can make the lips become dry.

Breathe using their mouths
When he was in the room air is minimal, a normal person would use his mouth to breathe. In addition to ease of dirt or dust into the stomach, doing this will also cause dry lips and chapped.

Natural Ways to Overcome Dry Lips and Cracking
The use of lip balm can indeed help moisturize your lips back. However, actually there are many ways to overcome the lips dry and cracked by using natural ingredients. Here are some natural ingredients that you can use to address the health problems of the lips.

1. Oil salmon
In the Indian state cumin oil known as Kashmiri. Cumin oil is melted butter made from animal fats such as beef, buffalo, goats, and camels that have been purified. Usually the cumin oil is used for frying a dish.
How to cope with dry lips with cumin oil is very easy. Quite cumin oil drops on a cotton swab or cotton, then dab on the lips. Do this routine before you go to bed.

2. The tea bags green
Green tea contains antioxidants that are very high so as to protect your body from free radicals. When making tea, usually we will discard the tea bags. In fact, the tea bag can be used to treat dry lips and chapped. Wow, you just put on the lips of green tea bags for approximately 5 minutes. Do this treatment on a regular basis so that the problem of dry lips and chapped could be resolved soon.

3. Honey
Generally, people who regularly consume honey has endurance is much better. This is not surprising because honey is efficacious in improving the body's immune system. These natural ingredients are the most recommended for treating dry lips and chapped. How to use was also very easy. Before you sleep, first coat your lips with honey. If in the morning, still felt sticky, you can clean it up. Perform this treatment regularly to the health of your lips recovering.

4. Jojoba oil
Jojoba oil contains vitamin B, vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, and some other nutrients that can help heal wounds. To cope with dry lips and chapped, drops of jojoba oil on cotton or cotton bud. After that, apply to the lips evenly and let sit for about 15 minutes. Then wash and let it dry by itself.

5. Shrub sugar
Overcoming dry lips and chapped also can utilize sugar scrub. To make it, mix ½ teaspoon of sugar with 2 drops of olive oil. Stir evenly and then dab on the lips. Let stand for ± 5 minutes, then wash with water. So that his lips softer, you can use lip balm after using a sugar scrub.
How to cope with dry lips and chapped above will provide maximum results if you do it regularly.

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