Custom Hot Bath to Eliminate Moisture The Skin Instantly

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If you have the habit of bathing use warm water, should start reducing that habit.
Because, a bad habit that can have an impact on the moisture of the skin.

"The bath of hot water use can eliminate the moisture the skin instantly," said Group Product Manager Marina, Rahmi Elfia in Jakarta, Monday (5/1/2016).

He suggested, in order to use the water where the temperature is equivalent to room temperature so that the skin humidity is maintained in the longer periods of time.

Elf Rahmi mentions reducing the habit of bathing, using thermal water becomes one of the tips keep moisture and a sense of comfort on the skin.

"The consumption of white water, sufficient fruit and vegetables also contribute, let alone the content of water in the human body is 2/3 of the weight of the body," he said.

In this condition, the body needs enough water so that the metabolism of the body is preserved, it is therefore necessary to intake water of at least 2 litres or equivalent 8 glasses per day.

"It is also important to consume foods that contain vitamin E and B12 such as green vegetables, nuts and others to preserve the health of the skin," he said.

He says, for help, need Hydro Cool Gel Marina smeared a Lotion after bathing, to restore moisture to quickly match the needs of the skin.

"Formulated in the form of a gel is able to sink more quickly into the skin and is not sticky and restore Moisture faster. In addition to other Advantages, it has a fragrant lotion is refreshing, "he said.

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Marina Hydro Cool Gel Lotion enriched with seaweed extract (kelp), lime (lime) and vitamin B3 has been believed to be hereditary beauty secrets.

Seaweed is known as pleased to cleanse, moisturize to repair the outer skin tissue. Resilience and the ability restorative to make seaweed is very valuable and is believed to bring a variety of benefits for skin care.

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