Hemp Leaf Consumption, Get Amazing Benefits

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The leaves of hemp have been cultivated by humans as a food ingredient since 6000 years BC. It is said that Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, who was popular with her beauty, diligently consuming crops with botanical name Cochorus this olitorius.

The popularity of this plant is directly spread as health benefits. For centuries, this plant has been scientifically proven very well taken to correct and treat the human body.

During the flax plant stems and fiber is used to make rope. But rarely are aware of the benefits leaves gently. Hemp leaf not considered to have commercial value. Only the Egyptian people who understand the benefits of this leaf and consume it.

These plants grow well in some countries, such as Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brazil and of course Indonesia. But apparently only Bangladesh that maximizes the economic value of hemp as a fiber. Almost 805 percent of the world export market is dominated by Bangladesh.

One of the health benefits of hemp leaves, hemp leaves can prevent premature aging. Research has shown the kind of busy hemp contains essential vitamins as antioxidants that are able to maintain beautiful skin and improve the body's systems.

Hemp leaves also contain vitamins A, C and E, which are key to warding off degenerative diseases such as cancer.

In addition, hemp leaves are also very rich in calcium and beta carotene that can be cooked as a soup or stir-fry. Hemp sticky leaves can also be used to thicken a dish.

Hemp leaves contain almost all types getting the nutrients needed by humans. But the most important benefit of these leaves is to improve the body's cells and increase visibility, improve circulation and help reduce the risk of cataracts and other eye disorders.

Vitamin E is also able to slow down the aches and pains associated with aging and increase stamina. And high calcium is very beneficial to the teeth and bones to be strong.

Apparently a very useful plant. You want to try?

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