How Banana Diet Right for Slimming

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Obesity is a matter that is not favored by many people, especially the women. Because body fat will make the body fit the desired use sexy clothes. And to overcome this, the usual way is diet. Diet banana is a great way to lose weight. But often a lot of people doing the wrong diet, not eating that it will interfere with health.

To you who are on a diet of fruits, there is one diet that is very practical and the results are maximized, IE banana diet. How true banana diet was quite easy to do. Bananas are the fruit of a complete substance or nutrients, such as carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, potassium, and so forth. Banana is a fruit which is very good for the diet, because the fruit is low in calories and filling in a long time. That would prevent the taste to eat.

For those of you who are interested in using the banana fruit diet, the following is the correct way a banana diet:

How true banana diet is not missing for breakfast in the morning, because in the morning, someone takes energy to run the activity, so it is very important breakfast. You can eat a banana plus a bread rich in protein. Then you can drink low-fat milk or water.

Maybe you'll get bored with eating a banana that's it from the diet. But do not worry, the correct way banana diet should not eat bananas directly. However, Banana can be processed into a wide variety of delicious food and of course low in calories. These foods, such as banana juice, but do not use sugar as a sweetener, as you can get from the sweet banana itself. Then you can mix the bananas in a fruit salad that you make yourself.

After lunch passed the course you want to eat a snack stomach. To replace the snack food, you can eat a banana. Vary the type of bananas you eat from being bored. There are so many types of bananas sold in the market such as gold bananas, plantains, bananas Ambon, and much more.

The dinner menu is very delicious to diet is fruit salad. Fruits that you can use such as dragon fruit, papaya, lemons, apples, grapes, avocados and bananas, of course. Then you can add honey and yogurt, it would be a very delicious supper, especially when dieting.

How true banana diet must also be balanced by drinking lots of water every day. It aims to avoid dehydration, which often strikes when diet. Drinking water is recommended 8 glasses a day, as much water as it has been able to maintain body temperature and metabolism in order to remain good.

For those of you who are interested and interested in the banana diet, good luck banana diet is right at the top.

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