How to Calculate Ideal Body Weight Women and Men Manually

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How to calculate the ideal weight women and men is not too difficult. Although today is no gadget application to calculate the ideal weight, calculate your own formula could also be done easily. Getting the ideal body weight in addition to improving the appearance and confidence, the more important thing is the body will be healthy as long as I get the ideal body weight is done correctly. The body will be more convenient to move and can be protected from various kinds of diseases. 

There are two kinds of common formula used to calculate the ideal weight, which is the formula of Broca and use the Body Mass Index BMI system. I need to know the ideal weight is relative because the shape of the body is different, there is a form pears, straight, inverted triangle, hourglass or hourglass, oval, and also the forms of others, then there is no one point that represents the weight the ideal body. Because there is no absolute ideal weight, but more than a certain weight range, then the BMI is better to use than the formula of Broca.How to Calculate Ideal Body Weight Women and Men with Mathematical Formulas. 

How to calculate the mathematical formula referred to here is the formula of Broca ata sometimes also called Devine formula. The formula was discovered in 1871 by Dr. Pierre Paul Broca and later popularized by Dr. BJ Devine in about the 1970s. If you want to go on a diet, you should not use this as a benchmark formula Broca ideal weight as there are several flaws in this formula. 

There is a distinct reason why this is actually less good formula to calculate the ideal weight. This formula was developed to calculate the actual dose of drug use based on the weight of the patient and not to calculate the ideal weight of a person. Then there are formulas calculation results in a number, not a certain range. This last is not suitable formula to calculate the ideal weight for women was short and tall man. Because of this formula was developed in France are predominantly high stature compared to Indonesia, then the formula is actually not suitable for calculating ideal body weight Indonesian women. 

Calculation of ideal weight by the formula Broca / Devine 

- WomanIdeal weight = (height - 100) - (15% x (height - 100))Sample calculations for women with height 160 cm = (160-100) - (15% x (160-100) = 51 kg 

- ManIdeal weight = (height - 100) - (10% x (height - 100))Sample calculations for man with height 170 cm = (170-100) - (10% x (170-100) = 63 kg 

The two examples above calculation using height relatively average. In women who have a height below the average then the weight would ideally look thin. The shorter the more it will look thin, which is the shortage of this formula. Examples for the woman who has a height of 130 cm, the ideal body weight = (130-100) - (15% x (130-100) = 25.5 kg 

In calculating the weight of the body there, known as Lean Body Weight, the weight by simply counting the weight of organs, bone, and muscle, without counting fat at all. Formula Broca / Devine in the relatively short stature will be more close to the results of this calculation Lean Body Weight. Therefore if you are a woman is relatively short, a diet based on this calculation will make you look very thin and unhealthy. 

After discussing the weight calculation formula Broca we will now be discussed by way of BMI that is considered better although both these calculations have drawbacks respectively. In BMI, ideal weight is within a certain distance range, this course will better accommodate a variety of different body shapes are different. 

If earlier in Broca calculation is not suitable for use in women of short stature and tall man, this BMI formula in people (men and women) tall would have a BMI value is always high. The so-called high stature here is tall for the west, so it is suitable for use in Indonesia. 

BMI Index (based WHO)- Weight too lessBMI of 15.0 to 16.0- Weight lessBMI 16.0 to 18.5- Normal weightBMI of 18.5 to 25.0- Excess body weightBMI of 25.0 to 30.0- Obesity lv 1BMI of 30.0 to 35.0The calculation of BMI = weight / (height x height)Weight in kg and height in meters. 

The above is the calculation of BMI, enter your weight and your height into the formula, and then match the results with a BMI index. Index BMI is diverse, many research institutions that have a BMI index of its own, Japan, Hongkong, Singapore has its own BMI index scale. Because Indonesia does not have its own BMI index, the BMI index is used here of WHO universal scale, WHO's index does not differentiate between men and women. 

Here is an example of calculating the BMI index. Weight 50 kg and height of 1.5 meters = 50 / (1.5 x 1.5) = 22.222, including normal weight. Weighing 60 kg and a height of 1.6 meters BMI = 23.4375 also included normal weight. Index BMI is calculated based on health considerations and not considerations of appearance, so if you have a BMI of 24.0 then it is considered a healthy weight, then if you want to diet and decrease BMI of up to 20.0 or less (during still above 18.5) then it is natural and healthy.  

Tips to Get the Ideal Body Weight Women and Men 

After reading how to calculate your ideal weight women or men above, you may want to adjust your body weight. Things you need to consider is that to do it well. If possible do it with no rush. To get your ideal body weight can go on a diet to lose weight or for those who have less weight can be tried in many ways to gain weight. 

We will discuss a few tips on dieting to lose weight. The first thing to lose weight is to avoid fatty foods, especially junk food or fast food. The food is very easy to make the body to be stretched, in addition to bad cholesterol is very unhealthy. The food is just filling but very few nutrients. 

Eating healthy foods will help you lose weight, a lot of fruit and vegetable consumption, this will help reduce the fats in the body. Do not forget to exercise-sport, quite effectively burn calories in the body so it will be faster to get your ideal weight. 

Similarly, this article discusses how to calculate your ideal weight women or men. To get an attractive appearance does not need the expense of health, there are many ways a healthy diet that you could try. Hopefully this article can provide benefits. thanks.

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