How to Massage The Breast Right to Tighten and Nourish

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There are many reasons people do breast massage, both young and old. One of the benefits of breast massage is to reduce the risk of breast cancer that is now being experienced by women. The disease has spread in the productive women aged 17 to 40 years.
As we know, massaging the breast may also increase milk production because of nerves and blood flow to and from the nipple more smoothly. Not only that, massaging the breast also will make it firmer and looks nice.

There are many ways to massage the breast. You can go to a salon that is breast massage facilities. But actually you can massage the breasts themselves, you know. The way is simple and easy. Want to know? Consider the following steps:

1. Select one breast would you massage in advance, for example the right.
2. Turn in the opposite direction by using two hands.
3. Massage the outer ring of the breast in a circular motion
4. Put your right hand on the bottom as a buffer, then the left hand by using three fingers make circular movements of white hung down to the outer side. Repeat several times on different sides
5. Repeat again massage movement in the opposite direction by using two hands
6. Shake the moment from top to bottom by hand to the blood flow and muscle stretching. One hand is on the bottom as a buffer.
7. Massage of the outer ring and pull it toward the nipple several times for advanced breast shape.
8. Repeat shaking the breast as before.

Repeat 8 ways over in the left breast. When finished, do massage to two breasts at once. As step below:

1. Place both hands on the top of the breast, and then do the massage rotate to follow the shape of the breast. The direction is inward, through the middle, down, to the outer side, to the top again, and then into, and so on up to 10 times.
2. Do the opposite direction every two rounds.
3. Lastly, place both hands on the two breasts, each forming a buffer, then shake from top to bottom.

That's the correct way to massage the breast to be healthy and toned adds. This breast massage can you do regularly every week twice. You can use oil as a lubricant to avoid pain during massage.

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