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The state of anemia is treatable by improving the diet, either by adding vegetables blood booster on your daily menu. Anemia or anemia medical name is sautu condition where the body is deficient in red blood cells that are useful as agents of nutrients and oxygen to cells and organs. Distinguish state of anemia with low blood pressure situation.
There are so many reasons that can cause a state of lack of blood. Several things can cause anemia include bleeding that happens constantly as in women who are menstruating, state worms, congenital abnormalities and lack of food intake that is important for forming blood cells. Thus, the blood booster foods are essential for anemia.Wide and Vegetables and Fruits Replenish Replenish Blood 

Blood One cause of anemia is the lack of nutrients contained in the food we eat. The essential nutrients include folic acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and most importantly, iron. Thus, the principle of the addition of nutritious food to overcome the lack of blood is to consume foods containing these nutrients 4. Let's see a list of vegetables and fruit blood booster blood booster:

Famous spinach can increase the power and defeat the villain in the cartoon Popeye the sailor. Apparently, these vegetables are really able to add power to its consumers. Vegetables blood booster contains plenty of iron, so the food number one doctor recommended for vegetarians suffer from anemia. In addition to iron, spinach is also rich in Vitamin C, calcium, Vitamin B9 and beta carotene. Spinach can be eaten in a state of pan-fried or vegetable nodes, because the sauce is used to boil spinach also contains a lot of iron the body needs.

Nuts are a source of iron and vitamins are good. Among legumes, soy beans are vegetables blood booster that has the most iron. Soybeans are low-fat foods are high in protein and can overcome the lack of blood. However, soybeans contain phytic acid that can inhibit the absorption of iron in your digestive tract. The fix, first soak the soybeans in warm water overnight to reduce the phytic acid content before you eat. 

Vegetables contain anti-oxidants are well known and can prevent cancer, it is also acts as a blood booster vegetables. The content of iron and folic acid in vegetables are able to replenish supplies in iron and folic acid for its customers. To get the optimal amount of folic acid from broccoli, try not to cook the vegetables until very mature because it will reduce the levels. 

Vegetables vegetable beans can be blood booster. Because, these vegetables contain folic acid which can help your body produce red blood cells are good. To get the optimal nutrient folic acid from bunci, it is advisable to eat them raw and not cooked first. But if forced to cook beans with levels that are not too ripe.
Other Green Vegetables 
In addition to spinach, it turns out other green leafy vegetables also contain a lot of iron. For example just like pakchoy vegetables, mustard greens, and watercress are all mengandungkadar iron is good for the body. Consuming green vegetables every day is clear can help the body get the nutrients iron to help make red blood cells. 

Oranges and Lemon 
Citrus fruits and lemon fruit can be blood booster. But the reason is not because the fruit contains iron or folic acid which is a lot, but because of its Vitamin C content results very much. Vitamin C plays an important role in anemia because this vitamin helps with iron absorption in the digestive tract. Experts say that eating foods rich in iron is not enough and should be combined with intake of Vitamin C to fight a state of lack of blood. In addition to oranges and lemons, you can also eat tomatoes that are rich in Vitamin C.

Mushroom fan should feel lucky, because the fungus is a good vegetable blood booster. Mushrooms contain a lot of iron needed by the body to increase blood levels. The assortment of mushrooms contain iron, among them the button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, shitake mushrooms and other fungi types. 
Tofu, Tempe and Soybean Milk 
As has been explained that soybeans contain a lot of iron. Turns processed form of soy bean itself contains iron which amount does not lose much from soybeans. Adding tofu, tempeh or soy milk into your daily diet can provide important nutrients iron for the body.Food Enhancer Blood OthersAre you aware that among the foods above, this article does not mention foods rich in Vitamin B12. Yes, Vitamin B12 can only be obtained from animal foods and are not found in plant sources. This is why vegetarians are less prone state of blood due to a deficiency of vitamin B12. Here is the blood booster foods containing iron, folic acid and Vitamin B12:
  • Animal's heart 
  • Seafood such as shrimp, scallops and fish 
  • Egg 
  • Cheese 
  • Milk 
  • Red meat: The main source of Vitamin B12 
One solution for vegetarians to get Vitamin B12 intake is by eating foods that have been fortified with vitamin B12 or added into the food. The food was ordinary Vitamin B12 is fortified by soy yogurt, soy milk, oatmeal and mushrooms. Read the nutritional information content in kemasa food you buy to make sure whether the food is fortified by the vitamin B12 or not. 

In addition to the above foods, it is also important for people with anemia to avoid drinking tea before, during and after the meal. Tea contains substances that can inhibit iron absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, so it is advisable not to drink tea adjacent to your meal. Drink your tea with a distance of 3-4 hours of your meals. 

This is the end of the discussion of the blood booster vegetables. Symptoms of anemia is the skin becomes pale and quickly feel tired although only perform light activity. One way to cope with less blood is the blood booster eating vegetables, fruits and food additive blood more blood booster. Remember to consume these foods every day that your nutritional needs are met. 

Knowing the blood booster vegetables are things that should be known by everyone. This is reasonable because the state of lack of blood could happen to anyone, especially women of reproductive age.

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