Prevent Breast Cancer, Young Women Expand Spot Fiber

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Breast cancer has more often lurked women. The parents are thinking about a daughter can take steps to prevent breast cancer early. Try to give the food a lot of fiber in your young women to reduce the risk of this cancer.

That is the result of research in the United States by analyzing data on more than 44 thousand women. As a result, respondents who frequently eat fiber since high school or beginning college about 20 percent less to develop breast cancer, compared to a little eating fiber as a young man.

"Most of the studies that evaluated the association between dietary fiber intake in middle age or older, have not recorded any significant relationship," said lead author of the study from Harvard Maryam Farvid T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston.

"Therefore, it seems high-fiber diet early in life will be important in the prevention of breast cancer," he said as dilansi Newsdaily, Wednesday (02/03/2016).

Although fiber-rich foods that contain a lot of nutrients may play a role, but a risk factor for breast cancer is the most well known, as well as the overall quality of the diet of women were taken into account, said Farvid.

Fiber intake effect on hormone levels, and levels of juvenile hormone during breast development may affect breast cancer risk later.
Women who get more fiber during adolescence tend to have healthy eating habits later in life.

Ideally, these fibers derived from fruits and vegetables, but also can be derived from cereals or fortified foods.

"We recommend that parents of girls give a lot of high-fiber foods in the home and make sure their children eat enough fruits and vegetables, whole grain pasta, dark bread or brown rice, nuts in their diet," said Farvid.

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