4 Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation Can Threaten Women's Health

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These days mobile phones have become a primary need that is difficult integral in our lives. Not just to communicate, this communication tool is apparently progressing so rapidly that could facilitate our activities. 

Although this gadget provides many benefits, it turns out the advanced technology that always accompanies our activity also has a negative effect on health. Below there are at least four dangers of cell phone radiation that can interfere with your health.

1. Triggering breast cancer
One of the habits of mobile phone users is putting their phones in your pocket. Although it is intended to help us while taking on the phone, but exposure to radiation from mobile phones instead it can develop cancer cells, one of which is a breast cancer cell. To avoid it, you should keep your phone in a purse or bag so that the effect of mobile phone radiation can be minimized.

2. Triggering brain cancer
Do you ever use the phone until the phone than the temperature change? If yes, please note that it was the worst moment of your phone. There is a study that found that people who use cell phones in a long time will increase the risk of glioma and acoustic neuroma brain cancer.

3. Easy to forget
If you have been diligently calling for hours, from now on you should think back to the habit. Why? Because there are studies that reveal that the radiation emitted by mobile phones will affect your memory. When you use the phone directly, without the help of a headset, it will make your ears are exposed directly to radiation. To minimize health problems with this one, you better use a headset or use the loudspeaker feature during a call.

4. Disrupt pregnancy
Research conducted by Yale School of Medicine found that exposure to mobile phone radiation during pregnancy affect fetal brain development, resulting in hyperactivity. Additionally, put the phone in areas of the body that is fatal, including the uterus, will lead to damage cells and lead to a miscarriage of the fetus at the age of 2 or 3 months. 

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Actually, there are many dangers of cell phone radiation that could threaten your health. However, the most important use of your cell phone wisely, and do not overdo it. May be useful!

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