7 Handling Disease of Uric Acid Correctly

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In general, women are more likely to develop gout attack than men. Because women have more estrogen than men. The hormone estrogen is able to lower acid levels. The kidney is a removal of uric acid, which is excreted in the urine and digestive tract.

Usually the symptoms of gout are very common, such as joint pain hands and feet, elbows and knee joints. Factors that influence the rise and fall of uric acid levels in the blood are alcoholic beverages, beverages containing high levels of sugar, less healthy foods, and medicines. This article will give you a little information about how to cope with gout.

Things to Avoid for Disease Patients Uric Acid

1. Avoid foods that contain purine substances
2. Avoid eating offal such as tripe, intestines, heart, liver and other offal similar.
3. Do not consume canned food like sardines example
4. Reduce eating nuts, such as peanuts, chickpeas, beans and other pulses.
5. Do not eat too many vegetables gummy like, cassava leaves, kale, and other similar vegetables
6. Durian and pineapple are the kind of fruit that should be avoided for gout sufferers
7. Expand to consume water, because the water will help work Ginjang in removing uric acid crystals in the urine.

Maintaining Healthy For Uric Acid Disease Patients

1. Bananas, potatoes and yogurt are foods that contain high potassium, very well taken for patients with gout.
2. Fruits that contain lots of vitamin C consumed for patients with gout, such as guava, orange, strawberry and other fruit species
3. Complex carbohydrates are needed for patients with gout. Usually these foods are plentiful in rice, cassava and bread.

Herbs Used To Cure Diseases Uric Acid

1. Bay leaf. Astringent and taste cheats contained in the leaves are used to relieve mere caused by uric acid. How to create a potion very easily, which first set up the bay leaves ± 15 pieces, wash them clean. Then boiled with water as much as 2 cups, until the water remaining 1 cup only. Wait until cool drink 2x a day. In a quite drink half a glass.
2. Cat whiskers. Potassium salts contained in the cat's whisker can help dissolve kidney stones. In the cat's whiskers contained Diuretics properties that are useful for removing excess uric acid in the urine. how to make potions from the cat's whiskers, among others, set up a cat's whiskers, the roots of weeds, ground mustard, red ginger and cardamom. Wash all ingredients thoroughly. Then boiled with 4 cups of water, until the remaining into 2 glasses. Consume 2x a day.

Hope this article helps you suffering from gout. Eat one of the herbs above routine. Hopefully get a better result.

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