8 Symptoms, 3 Causes of Lupus and Treatment Method The Cause of Llupus

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Lupus is more commonly known by the name autonium means the immune system, or lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that occurs because the body's immunity system which attacks the organs and tissues of the body. Something caused by lupus can affect parts of the system in the body, including the joints, skin, kidneys, cell virgin, falls and lungs.

Lupus is more commonly affected in women, though it's unclear why There are four types of rug-induced lupus erythematosus and neonatal lupus. Diagnosis in the treatment of lupus can provide a lot of knowledge on the treatment of lupus.
Characteristics and symptoms of lupus diseas.

Lupus is not only completely similar to other diseases, signs and symptoms that occur can come suddenly or develop slowly and can be mild or severe and can also be temporary or permanent. Signs and symptoms of lupus-mark experienced that in the system of the body which are exposed to the disease lupus, but in general are usually the signs and symptoms of lupus include:
1. Memory loss
2. Fingers stiff and white
3. Inflammation of the mouth
4. Hair loss
5. Dry eyes
6. Easy bruising
7. Depression
8. Agitated

Lupus is a disease occurs when the body will be exposed to certain substances, such as bacteria and viruses and the system can also attack the tissues of the body fresh and healthy. Doctors will not know the causes of this disease lupus. Lupus like ambience genetic and environmental factors. As well as those when exposed to something in the body and the environment that can trigger the onset of lupus, such as a drug or virus. Although the majority there is no certainty as to the cause of lupus disease,.


Sunlight may be one factor in the form of lupus. A Sun exposure can also be a trigger of the disease lupus.

Consumption of Drugs

Lupus disease can also occur due to the use of antibiotic drugs. If symptoms of lupus caused by taking drugs of this type are better just stopped beforehand because lupus caused by drugs can be lost when a patient will discontinue the use of such drugs.

Genetic factors

Despite the existence of a tendency for some people who are destined to experience disease lupus and lupus with him. As I mentioned, the cause of lupus is not necessarily known for certain, but some people experience because there are genetic factors.

And remember, it's better to prevent than to have to treat lupus, for example, with a healthy lifestyle and do not use things that can damage health

Whatever the illness that we suffer all of which can decrease our ability. So while healthy it is good to always maintain a healthy body. Maintain a healthy body is able to make us more productive and protected from various kinds of dangerous diseases.

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