Most Common Factors Triggering a Migraine

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Does a migraine keep coming back? Learn factors you should avoid to prevent attacks of this annoying illness in the future.

1. Strong emotional stress
According to neurologists in NYC, emotional stress belongs to very powerful triggers of migraine attacks. Stressful situations at the workplace, family issues, and problems in relationships can make you suffer from this illness again. We recommend avoiding sources of stress and concentrating on the bright sides of your life.

2. Women’s menstrual cycle
A menstrual cycle is also among common factors triggering a migraine. A lot of females report suffering from a terrible headache during their period, and there is a reason. Women’s body experiences fluctuations of hormone levels, which also increases chances of having a migraine attack.

3. Different physical factors
Now you will hear something you’ve never expected to: physical activities can affect your health in a negative way. It sounds unbelievable, but to some extent, it’s true in this case. According to neurologists in NYC, excessive exercising can become a cause of strong migraine attacks. Don’t drop your physical activities, just don’t cross the line!

4. Sounds, smells, and light
Loud sounds and bright lights belong to common triggers of a migraine. Many experts still don’t believe that light can become a trigger and suggest looking for other factors. Smells as triggers are very different for different people: some hate a scent of cigarettes while others can’t bear strong perfumes.

5. Specific dietary habits
A healthy diet is the main prerequisite of sound body and mind, that’s why you should choose what to eat wisely. People prone to migraine attacks should avoid processed food, chocolate, citrus fruits, and caffeinated beverages. It’s also risky to skip meals during a day and have poor hydration. 

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