Natural Hair Colorants

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Want to experiment but not ready to commit? Check out these temporary hair dyes!

In the last several years colorful hair has become a popular trend, yet many people are either not ready to commit or want to avoid chemicals contained in hair dyes. These natural hair colorants can take even the best haircut to a new level!

1. Henna 

Henna is one of the most popular natural hair colorants. The original color left by henna is of orange-reddish hue, yet, nowadays manufacturers produce henna, which can dye hair in other colors. You can also mix henna with other plants to achieve the same colors. 

2. Coffee 

Use coffee to deepen the dark hair color or to cover gray hairs. We would not suggest using this colorant if you are an owner of the lighter mane. It will result in a muddy hue, which would not make your hair look much more appealing. Use several cups of a strong brew with added coffee grounds. Soak your clean hair in the liquid and let the mixture sit for an hour. Rinse it out and repeat the process for better results. 

3. Tea

You can use tea to naturally darken your light hair or to deepen the darker hair color. Infuse several cups of the strong brew and leave it to cool. Soak your hair in the brew and let it sit for at least an hour. The longer you leave it in, the darker color you’ll get. You can also leave it in overnight if you put on a shower cap. Rinse the brew out with warm water.

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Beard Balm with Your Own Hands

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Today, the Internet is full of interesting articles about natural beard balms and their benefits for your hair. We all know that beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter are basic and most important ingredients of any balm. But when it comes to creating our real, own one balm, it’s so hard to find a simple and detailed recipe to work with. Our professionals at Barber Shop in New York, Manhattan offer you the best guide on how to create beard balm at home, with minimum efforts and maximum benefit for you.

Step #1 Heat the flour 

First of all, you need to heat up initial ingredients. Mix shea butter, beeswax, and coconut oil in appropriate proportions in a huge bowl, and put it on a weak fire.  Keep it there until everything will melt down. Stir the mixture constantly, it shouldn't boil by no means; otherwise, all healing properties will be loosen. Take the bowl off the fire when all ingredients turned to a homogeneous consistency. 

Step #2 Here comes an oil 

Now you should act really fast. Add a few drops of natural oils you like the most before mixture will harden. Pick oils carefully because they are responsible for a scent your balm will have in future.

Step #3 Finishing touches

Pour this mixture into a small tin. Leave your balm for a night to cool well. Next morning it will be ready for using.

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Healthy Hair Routine

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Check out this routine for super healthy hair! 
Keep to this routine to promote the health of your hair!

1. Protect 

There are many ways to protect your hair from the harm caused by the environment. Use a special sunscreen every time you expose your lock to the sun. You can double the protection with a hat or a silk scarf. They will also help if you live in a heavily polluted place. Make sure to wear a cap when showering on the days in-between washes. Wet hair is extremely brittle and prone to falling out.

2. Avoid Heat 

Heat is one of the main dangers to your hair. Limit the usage of heating tools if your hair is on the thinner or drier side. We suggest you stop using them altogether if your tresses were subjected to serious damage. Heat will promote the further brittleness and dryness. Make sure to use a heat-protecting spray and avoid using tools on damp hair. We also recommend you to avoid styling your hair more than once per week. If you are an avid blow dryer user, put it on the lowest setting. 

3. Nourish 

When you wash and style your hair, it tends to lose the necessary oils and moisture. We advise you to look up several DIY masks suitable for your hair. One of the options is a hot oil treatment. It moisturizes the tresses making the soft, flexible, and shiny. Use a deep conditioner of choice at least once every two weeks and think about purchasing a leave-in conditioner. They will nourish your hair and keep it healthy making it look like it was treated at some of the best hair salons in Manhattan!

Follow these recommendations from for healthier hair!

Super Healthy Tips for Super Healthy Hair

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Want to boost the health of your hair? Learn what you should and shouldn't do to keep your hair ultimately healthy!

1. Refresh your hair regularly

Super healthy hair starts with regular visits to your favorite barbershop. It’s very important to let a professional inspect your hair and eliminate damage if needed; moreover, you need to trim your ends timely. Make an appointment because NYC barbers are waiting for you!

2. Follow healthy lifestyle

Our choices affect every aspect of our life. Our lifestyle affects every part of our organism, including our hair. Bad habits, lack of sleep, poor nutrition have negative consequences for your body and hair. Start making changes now, and you’ll notice the difference at once!

3. Impart with rich moisture

NYC barbers number hydration among the most important elements a proper hair maintenance. Moisturized hair feels strong and healthy, unlike dehydrated mane. You can keep your hair hydrated with the help of a regular conditioning and consumption of a proper amount of water.

4. Use clarifying shampoo

Clarifying shampoo is a great product for eliminating nasty buildup in your hair. Hair styling products, dirt, and dust accumulate on our head making our hair feel uncomfortable. Clarify once a week, and your hair will always feel free.

5. Avoid excessive washing

Too much is never good, the same thing goes to our shampooing habits. Some men wash their hair every day without even realizing how harmful it is. Excessive shampooing distorts natural moisture balance of the hair, making it feel dry and dehydrated, so avoid over-washing at all cost.

6. Minimize exposure to heat

If you want to keep your hair healthy, you should be very careful with the heat. Excessive usage of heated tools can eventually lead to a thermal damage, which is impossible to fix. Stay away from heated tools, and your hair will appreciate it!

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