Beard Balm with Your Own Hands

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Today, the Internet is full of interesting articles about natural beard balms and their benefits for your hair. We all know that beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter are basic and most important ingredients of any balm. But when it comes to creating our real, own one balm, it’s so hard to find a simple and detailed recipe to work with. Our professionals at Barber Shop in New York, Manhattan offer you the best guide on how to create beard balm at home, with minimum efforts and maximum benefit for you.

Step #1 Heat the flour 

First of all, you need to heat up initial ingredients. Mix shea butter, beeswax, and coconut oil in appropriate proportions in a huge bowl, and put it on a weak fire.  Keep it there until everything will melt down. Stir the mixture constantly, it shouldn't boil by no means; otherwise, all healing properties will be loosen. Take the bowl off the fire when all ingredients turned to a homogeneous consistency. 

Step #2 Here comes an oil 

Now you should act really fast. Add a few drops of natural oils you like the most before mixture will harden. Pick oils carefully because they are responsible for a scent your balm will have in future.

Step #3 Finishing touches

Pour this mixture into a small tin. Leave your balm for a night to cool well. Next morning it will be ready for using.

Visit our Barber Shop in New York, Manhattan to find out more interesting recipes.

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