Super Healthy Tips for Super Healthy Hair

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Want to boost the health of your hair? Learn what you should and shouldn't do to keep your hair ultimately healthy!

1. Refresh your hair regularly

Super healthy hair starts with regular visits to your favorite barbershop. It’s very important to let a professional inspect your hair and eliminate damage if needed; moreover, you need to trim your ends timely. Make an appointment because NYC barbers are waiting for you!

2. Follow healthy lifestyle

Our choices affect every aspect of our life. Our lifestyle affects every part of our organism, including our hair. Bad habits, lack of sleep, poor nutrition have negative consequences for your body and hair. Start making changes now, and you’ll notice the difference at once!

3. Impart with rich moisture

NYC barbers number hydration among the most important elements a proper hair maintenance. Moisturized hair feels strong and healthy, unlike dehydrated mane. You can keep your hair hydrated with the help of a regular conditioning and consumption of a proper amount of water.

4. Use clarifying shampoo

Clarifying shampoo is a great product for eliminating nasty buildup in your hair. Hair styling products, dirt, and dust accumulate on our head making our hair feel uncomfortable. Clarify once a week, and your hair will always feel free.

5. Avoid excessive washing

Too much is never good, the same thing goes to our shampooing habits. Some men wash their hair every day without even realizing how harmful it is. Excessive shampooing distorts natural moisture balance of the hair, making it feel dry and dehydrated, so avoid over-washing at all cost.

6. Minimize exposure to heat

If you want to keep your hair healthy, you should be very careful with the heat. Excessive usage of heated tools can eventually lead to a thermal damage, which is impossible to fix. Stay away from heated tools, and your hair will appreciate it!

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