How to Lower Your Chances of Getting an Aneurysm

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Avoid an aneurysm with these tips!
If there are some cases of aneurysms in your family, you might want to stick to these rules!

1. Visit A Specialist

If there is even the smallest chance of you getting an aneurysm, we suggest visiting a specialist. He can consult you on how to take care of your health properly to lower the risks. 

2. Do Regular Checkups

Make sure to visit your neurologist in NYC at least two times a year for checkups. Ask your doctor for advice on how often you should monitor your health. Unfortunately, the frequency of appointments will vary depending on the patient’s particular situation.

3. Ditch Bad Habits

If you are genetically predisposed to aneurysms, we suggest you quit smoking and lay off alcohol. These substances can significantly increase the risks by weakening the walls of the blood vessels. Not to mention the harm they are doing to the other systems of your body. 

4. Follow A Healthy Diet

Increase your intake of vitamins and essential elements by incorporating more fruit and vegetables in your diet. We also recommend consuming more protein-rich foods. You should also reduce the amount of sugar, cholesterol, and fat in your daily diet. 

5. Be Active

Make sure to exercise at least 2 times per week for at least 30 minutes. This is a minimal amount of movement your body needs to function properly. Avoid straining yourself too much, if there is a significant risk of an aneurysm, though. Make sure to consult your doctor on the proper workout, suitable for your condition.

Follow these recommendations from and don’t forget to visit the specialist!

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