Reason is Forbidden use the Smartphone in the Toilet

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If you read this article using your smartphone in the toilet, then you are at the wrong time and place. An article wrote that the use of smartphones in the toilet will give bad impact for its users. What are the harms?

To quote the page the Sunshine Coast Daily, an article written by an expert from the Center for Epidemiology and Public Health Nationwide revealed that the users of handheld devices, smartphones, tablets and laptops are not recommended to use a smartphone in the toilet.

An expert named Dr. Martyn Kirk says that the use of electronic goods actually used in the appropriate places, not a toilet. "I think the use of such goods in the toilet really disgusting," said Dr. Kirk.

He said it because he thought that the use of smartphones in the toilet will be associated with health risks. The toilet is a room that has a lot of media in which the bacteria can move into human hands, one of which device a smartphone.

Reason Smartphone in the Toilet
 "A room full of bacteria which would be very easy to move into the human body through holds media, one of them a handheld device and some smartphones. Especially if that person does not wash his hands with clean. Bacteria and viruses can be passed to the hand of man. It gets worse, it could cause users suffering from gastroenteritis, vomiting, and even to suffer from diarrheal diseases, "the light of Dr. Kirk.

Dr. Kirk also said that smartphones are dirty, too, can be one of the media that spread the virus when held by a human hand.

It is indeed considered trivial by smartphone users, but keep in mind that the use of smartphones in the toilet could lead to the transfer of bacteria and viruses, and also cause the user to suffer unwanted diseases.

After seeing what kind of risks and hazards that occur, do You still use your smartphone's pet in the toilet?

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