5 Easy Rules for Every Day!

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Life is hard enough; however, sometimes we make it more complicated ourselves. There are some easy rules to make it easier.

1. Do what you always plan to do "from Monday" 

Stop smoking, stop eating fatty and high-calorie food, get rid of excess weight, practice gymnastics or swimming for 30 minutes a day, and sleep for 8 hours at least. It is the minimum of treatments, which could make you feel healthy.

2. Do not let yourself dry up! 

Drink plenty of pure water: rate - 1.5 liters, but if you want to lose weight, you should add to that 100 g per every 5 kg of your weight. Take care of your inner rose and it will bloom all year round. It's great if you can add some vitamins to the water; for example, one extra glass of smoothie or fresh. However, it shouldn't replace water!

3. Love yourself! 

Give yourself some free time: for example, half an hour in the morning and in the evening. Make something pleasant during this period: watch TV, play with the dog, read comics, or just lie on the couch and listen to the sounds outside, or have spa treatments in Bon-Bon Salon and Spa. Urgent business things at work? You'll manage them tomorrow. Unexpected guests? You'll reserve the time for their visit on the following weekend. All disasters are canceled. Having some time to relax is the golden rule to preserve nerves and youth for many years. 

4. The rules aren’t boring! 

Do not skip the breakfast! And do not eat after 6 PM. Breakfast should contain 40% of the consumed calories per day. No time? Get up 15 minutes earlier! You'll feel worse if you miss breakfast than if you sleep 15 minutes less. How will feel your stomach, which wants to sleep, but should work?

5. Prevention is easier and cheaper than cure! 

If you are working on the computer for long periods, do exercises for the eyes and body several times a day - it's easy and very effective for diseases prevention.

Take care of yourself, cause health is the large part of happiness! And you deserve to be happy.

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