Common Causes of Terrible Hair Damage

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Gorgeous, healthy hair is a dream of each woman, but damage can ruin your dreams very quickly. We’ve consulted experts at Salon East NYC and found out the main causes of hair damage:

1. Frequent heat styling 

If you expose your locks to heat on a daily basis, you risk getting thermal damage. Sometimes it’s enough to set a wrong temperature even once for making your hair suffer. It’s crucial to use heated tools wisely and remember about thermal protection, which creates a barrier between your locks and heat.

2. Wrong hair care habits 

Good hair care regimen are the main prerequisite of healthy locks; for this reason, you should dedicate at least 30 minutes to your hair every day. Shampooing, conditioning, and deep conditioning are indispensable parts of a proper hair maintenance while other options are beneficial but not necessary. 

3. Chemical treatments 

Experts at Salon East NYC number chemicals among the most common causes of terrible hair damage. Many women prefer doing everything on their own and apply chemicals improperly in many cases. This leads to damage, so you have to be very careful and read instructions when using perms, relaxers, or hair dyes.

4. Lack of professional advice 

You shouldn’t neglect professional help if you want your hair to look ultimately healthy. Experts can give precious advice on hair products, styling techniques, and mistakes in your hair care regimen. They can also determine the main problems of your locks and suggest effective solutions!

Take care of your hair properly with, and you will never experience unwanted damage!

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