Common Mistakes to Avoid in The Locker Room

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Moisture and heat in the locker room create a favorable environment for bacteria to thrive. According to Chelsea barbersNYC, simple mistakes can cause big problems, so keep the following in mind:

1. Not washing your hands 

It’s crucial to wash your hands after the gym session, even if you’ve decided to take the shower at home. Equipment you touched a couple of minutes ago was used by unknown guys, whose hygiene habits are questionable. So, wash your hands before you touch your face or decide to eat a sandwich!

2. Walking around barefoot 

You have to fight the desire to take everything off and head to the shower barefoot. Floors in public places are full of germs, fungi, bacteria, and mold, which are waiting for new victims patiently. You should always wear flip-flops and keep your feet safe from unwanted problems. 

3. Not bringing your towel 

Resist the temptation to use towels hanging in the locker room regardless of how fresh and clean they look. You don’t know how well they were washed or who used them before you. According to Chelsea barbers NYC, having your own towel is as important as having your own hairbrush, so make sure you bring one!

4. Storing stinky clothes improperly 

Improper storage of dirty clothes is one of the most common mistakes guys make after exercising. It’s much easier to put stinky socks, shorts, and your T-shirt in the gym bag and forget about everything till the next gym session. You have to store sweaty clothes in a separate container unless you want to throw a party for bacteria.

Avoid these common mistakes and have a proper gym hygiene!

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