Effective Strategies for Treating Head Lice

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People don’t talk much about head lice because this isn’t the most pleasant topic for discussion. Nevertheless, you should know how to act if you ever experience this nasty problem:

1. Make sure they are there 

Itch doesn’t necessarily mean you have head lice. According to Classic barbers, constant desire to scratch your scalp can be caused by many other factors; for this reason, you should check your head first. Since catching an alive louse is difficult, try to find nits (eggs). They resemble dandruff and can be found near the roots of your hair.

2. Purchase medication 

It’s impossible to get rid of head lice without medication, so purchase one immediately. Read the instructions carefully, take off clothing contacting with your head, and start the treatment. Remember to use a special comb, which will remove nits and lice from your hair. If you didn’t get satisfactory results, consider the idea of visiting the doctor. 

3. Have a full-scale cleaning 

Cleaning your head isn’t enough, you should also cleanse pretty much everything your hair contacted with. Start with your combs and brushes – soak them in a rubbing alcohol for a couple of hours. You should also wash your bed linens, clothing, and towels at the highest temperature setting.

4. Prevention is better than cure 

You can prevent this nasty problem from happening if you avoid head-to-head contact with an infested person. The only problem is that nobody is willing to share this embarrassing news with everyone. According to Classic barbers, you should also learn not to share combs, hats, or other personal items with other people!

Follow these simple steps from http://theclassicbarbers.com/ and stay away from problems!

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