How Everyday Hair Care Habits Can Damage Your Locks

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If you’re not satisfied with the condition of your locks, you should revise your hair care habits. Some of them can ruin the natural beauty of your hair:

1. Everyday shampooing 

Even if your hair is prone to oiliness, everyday shampooing is a bad decision for many reasons. According to experts at Best Salon NYC, frequent washing makes your scalp produce more sebum in order to compensate the loss of essential oils. Shampoo less often and use different tricks for making your hair last longer!

2. Frequent exposure to heat 

It’s hard to find a woman, who is completely satisfied with her texture, so most of us get used to heat tools. Although heat styling helps us to experiment with texture, you shouldn’t sacrifice your hair’s health. Frequent exposure to heat is a one-way ticket to thermal damage! 

3. Skipping the conditioner

You should never skip the conditioner even if you seem to have fair reasons (oily hair, flatness, weakness). This product has a plenty of benefits, and you have no right to deprive your locks of these perks! Nothing can moisturize, strengthen, and improve the overall condition of your hair better than a conditioner!

4. Postponing appointments 

Regular appointments at Best Salon NYC are as important as regular check-ups of your health. Firstly, you should see your hairdresser at least every other month for having your ends trimmed. Secondly, the expert can spot the signs of typical hair problems like breakage or split ends and help you to fix them! Do you need more reasons?

Learn from your mistakes and never repeat them again!

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