How to Relieve Itch in Different Body Areas

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Stop scratching your scalp/beard/foot and listen to what we have to say. Every problem has its solution, and we know how to relieve itch in different areas of your body:

1. Scalp 

Soho NYC barbers number two reasons for itchy scalp – dryness and dandruff. Try improving your hydration habits and add deep conditioning to your hair care regimen. Since dandruff is a more serious problem, you will need special products to combat it, one of them is anti-dandruff shampoo, so use it for eliminating the problem.

2. Feet 

If you experience terrible itch in the area of your feet, then you might have Athlete’s foot. This nasty illness is caused by a fungus, which can make your life unbearable. You can get rid of Athlete’s foot with the help of antifungal creams and better personal hygiene habits. Avoid walking barefoot in public places because this is where the problem usually begins! 

3. Beard 

If you’re growing a beard, then itch is one of the stages you have to go through. Since your skin is not used to the jungles, it reacts to the new hairy environment in this peculiar way. Soho NYC barbers recommend hydrating your beard with special oil or balm, and the problem will most likely go away.

4. Lips 

Yep, it happens. The itchy feeling in the area of your lips might mean that you need to hydrate them more thoroughly. If you’re too embarrassed to use lip balm in public, apply it before going to bed. Itching together with soreness and irritation can also be a symptom of a cold sore.

Use these tips from to get rid of the itch and feel comfortable again!

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