Possible Reasons Why Your Hair is Falling Out

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While some shedding is considered to be normal, you should start ringing alarm bells if you notice too much hair down the drain. We’ve consulted experts at New York Hair Salon to find out about possible reasons why your hair is falling out:
1. Radical weight loss
Sudden weight loss is like a physical stress to your body; for this reason, you might be losing your precious hair. It’s also a common symptom of such eating disorders as anorexia and bulimia. If you want to get rid of some extra pounds, try to lose weight gradually and avoid dramatic changes!

2. Exposure to stress
Besides dramatic weight loss, other types of physical stress such as trauma, surgery or serious illness can also lead to hair loss. Fortunately, it’s temporary, and your hair will grow back as soon as you recover. Keep in mind that emotional stress can aggravate the problem, so try to stay positive and happy! 

3. Hormone fluctuations
Hormone changes in our body are a common cause of hair loss, which can happen during pregnancy, menopause, or medical treatment. Birth-control pills can also be the reason, so consult your doctor and consider the idea of replacing them. There is no need to panic because eventually, everything will fall back into place.
4. Improper nutrition 
Since the food you put in your mouth affects your hair, poor dietary habits very often lead to hair loss. According to experts at New York Hair Salon, deficiency of vitamins B and C have a direct connection to this problem. If you don’t provide your locks with enough protein and iron, it can also be the reason.

Keep this information from http://hairbarnyc.com/  in mind and nip the problem in the bud!

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