The Healthiest Ways to Feed Your Hair

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Everything in our body is connected, so no wonder your diet affects the condition of your hair. If you experience split ends, dullness, or breakage, then it’s essential to revise your dietary habits. We’ve prepared a list of the healthiest foods for your hair:

1. Protein 

According to New York barbers, protein is one of the most fundamental nutrients our hair needs to feel healthy. There are even protein treatments for restoring damaged hair; moreover, it can stimulate growth, strengthen, and repair weak mane. Meat, fish, and eggs are the richest sources of this nutrient!

2. Dairy products 

Dairy products are famous for the rich content of calcium, which is responsible for healthy growth and strength of our hair; moreover, they are a great source of protein too. A good thing about dairies is that there is a great variety of these products – milk, cheeses, yoghurts, farmer cheese, etc. Just pick whatever you like best and feed your hair! 

3. Greens

Greens are considered to be a depositary of different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, which are obviously beneficial to our hair. If you suffer from excessive oil production, for example, then you should definitely eat greens since vitamins A and C they contain can put everything in order. Greens have many other benefits you shouldn’t miss!

4. Nuts

When it comes to snacks, there is nothing better than nuts. According to New York barbers, they are packed with magnesium, zinc, calcium, fiber, and saturated fats; moreover, nuts are low in carbohydrates! Replace candy bar and cookies with nuts, and you will notice the improvement in your hair’s condition. 

Develop proper dietary habits for your hair to look healthy!

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