Common Reasons of Extra Hair Shedding

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There is a big difference between losing some hair and experiencing major shedding. Find out about the possible causes of your problem:

1. Dramatic experiences 

Dramatic events exposing your organism to serious physical or emotional stress can lead to extra hair shedding. If you suffered from serious illness or had a major injury, then no wonder you have a hair problem. Emotional stress can also worsen the condition of your thatch, so pay attention to your physical and spiritual health.

2. Washing in hard water 

According to Manhattan hair professionals, poor condition of the water can affect the state of your hair negatively. If you live in the old house, then the water supply system might be outdated. You can fight the effects of hard water by clarifying your mane at least once a week. 

3. Harsh styling habits 

It’s possible to provoke extra shedding if you have harsh styling habits and wrong maintenance in general. Daily usage of styling products can devastate your hair and disrupt its natural growth patterns. Frequent exposure to heat is also harmful, especially if you reach for thermal appliances on a daily basis. Revise your styling habits to make your hair feel better!

4. Lack of proper nutrients 

A balanced diet means healthy hair; improper nutrition equals weak hair. Manhattan hair professionals underline the importance of magnesium, iron, and protein for having a healthy thatch. If your daily diet lacks these elements, then your organism can send you signals with the help of hair shedding.

Analyze this information and determine the cause of your problem!

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7 Signs You Are Running Low on Vitamin D

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You might want to consider taking a stroll in the sun once you notice any of these signs.

1. Hair Loss

Even the best barbers in the world can’t make your hair look good if you are shedding like crazy. Unfortunately, hair loss and even alopecia can be the result of the vitamin D deficiency. The reason behind it is quite simple – vitamin D promotes hair growth. It is exactly what helps your hairs to sprout from their follicles. You might want to either modify your diet or start taking supplements to fix the problem.

2. Dementia And Alzheimer’s Disease

If you want to stave off the age-related changes in your brain functioning, we recommend considering checking your vitamin D levels. The lack of it can lead to cognitive decline as well as the changes in the brain structure. It all can promote dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. If you want to avoid such symptoms as memory loss, concentration impairment, and attention disorders, you should start taking vitamins on a regular basis. Consult your doctor as soon as you notice any of these signs.

3. Eczema

This particular skin condition can also be a result of the insufficient amount of vitamin D in your body. It may not appear because of it, but it can certainly get worse if it is already present. Sometimes there is no way for you to get the much-needed element from the sun. In this case, you might want to talk to your doctor and ask about the treatment suitable for your particular situation. 

4. Depression 

Have you been feeling down lately? If you have, you might need to get yourself tested. Believe it or not, but depression can be caused by the disbalance of the chemicals in your body. First of all, try to determine what the reason behind your sadness is. You chances of getting a vitamin D deficiency related depression are especially high during the wintertime. The lack of sun can be detrimental to your physical as well as mental health, and you have to find solutions for this particular problem. 

5. Urinary Tract Infection 

Suffering from UTIs or any other type of infection? Well, guess what? You probably don’t have enough vitamin D in your system. Unfortunately, its insufficiency can prevent your body from creating necessary natural antibiotics. They help you to battle inflammation and infection on a daily basis. It is precisely why you tend to go sick during the colder seasons. The lack of sun influences your vitamin D levels and allows nasty stuff to take a temporary residence in your anatomy. 

6. Erectile Dysfunction 

There is a chance you are vitamin D deficient if you are having trouble with keeping it up. Although, there might also be other reasons behind your erectile dysfunction. Either way, we suggest talking to your doctor. In many cases, the problem is rather insignificant and can be treated with time. No need to be ashamed and insecure, buddy. There is a 30% chance your trouble can be fixed by leisurely walking in the sun and taking supplements with your dinner for a couple of weeks.

7. Teeth Problems 

If your gums are hurting and your teeth start to fall out randomly – you need to go to a doctor. However, there is a chance nothing extremely horrible is happening to you, and you simply lack a lot of vitamin D. Kidding, kidding, your pearly whites are not likely to escape your mouth in the nearest future. Thank God, this mainly happens to older people. In order to prevent this set of unfortunate events, we recommend keeping tabs on the vitamin balance in your system. You might need to start taking supplements when you reach the specific age, though. It will protect your teeth as well as ensure their health and functionality. Make sure to consult both your dentist and your physician on this particular topic. It will enable you to deal with the trouble at hand properly.

We highly recommend visiting your family doctor as soon as you notice any of these 7 symptoms. They can be the result of the lack of some of the much-needed elements, but they can also be indicators that there is something seriously wrong with your body. It’s important not try to fix any of these problems yourself!

Big Grooming Improvements That Take Minimum Effort

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There is always room to perfection, and the same goes for your grooming routine. If you want to look better at a minimum effort, then follow these instructions:

1. Improve hydration level 

If you want your skin to look healthy and attractive, you should develop proper hydration regimen. Chelsea Barbers NYC underline the importance of using a face moisturizer twice a day after washing. This product will ensure a rich hydration level and make your face look unbelievably fresh. Remember to consider your skin type when choosing a moisturizer!

2. Develop better oral hygiene 

Brushing is not enough for having healthy teeth, fresh breath, and shiny smile. Proper oral hygiene should definitely include flossing, which helps to clean your teeth in the hard-to-reach spots. You should also remember to clean your tongue! Regular appointments to your dentist are important for keeping your mouth healthy and preventing serious problems. 

3. Condition your thatch 

If you want to experience a major improvement in the condition of your hair, you should start using a conditioner. According to Chelsea Barbers NYC, your thatch will receive strength, nourishment, and protection if you apply conditioner each time you shampoo. The hydrating formula of this product is another precious benefit your hair will receive!

4. Add new skincare process 

For some reason, the vast majority of guys ignores exfoliation in their skin care regimen. This procedure is unbelievably valuable for your face because it removes dead skin layer, deep grime, and sebum from the surface of your skin. If you use an exfoliator at least twice a week, you will definitely notice some improvements.

Follow this advice and enjoy immediate results!
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Why You Should Wake Up Early

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Feeling tired and unaccomplished as well as looking dull and worn out? Believe it or not, but your unhealthy sleeping habits can be one of the main reasons behind these unfortunate drawbacks. Read this article and learn why you should wake up earlier than usually! 

1. Less Stress 

Healthy sleeping schedule and the lack of stress are the key elements of a great hair maintenance, skin care, and a healthy lifestyle in general. Most people are naturally programmed to go to bed early and wake up early. Such sleep patterns are considered to be the most beneficial for both your physical and mental health. The right amount of rest during the proper hours is one of the easiest ways to reduce stress and improve well-being.  

2. Higher Productivity 

As the old proverb says “the early bird catches the worm”. By waking up a little bit earlier, you add several hours to your day, which means you can do and accomplish more. Apart from it, your productivity is generally higher during the early morning hours. Try to get out of bed at 6 a.m. and see for yourself.  

3. Increased Creativity 

Feeling dull and uninspired? Consider waking up several hours before your alarm clock! Your mind tends to be more creative and active when it’s fresh and well-rested. If you need to finish up your work on time or get better results, try working during the early morning hours.  

4. Improved Brain Power 

People who sleep in are usually more sluggish and tend to experience difficulties with focus and memorizing new information. If you notice any problems with performance at school or workplace, getting out of bed an hour or so earlier might be a good decision. However, remember you still need to get a sufficient amount of sleep on a daily basis. 

These were four reasons why you should wake up earlier than you normally do! 
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The Danger Vape Electronic Cigarette For Health

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Lately, the electronic cigarette or commonly called vape already started to be discussed. There were some who said that using the vape is better than the conventional cigarette smoking in general. But apparently it is mistaken, both are equally to be hazardous to health.

Using vape (vaping) does not produce smoke like the burning of tobacco in cigarettes, but the steam. But the bottom line remains the effect produced when the vapor exhaled vaping indoors.

Effects on other people (second hand smoke) remain considering the use of this electronic cigarette nicotine produces particulate emissions and other harmful substances into the air in a confined space, it is because in the vaping liquid containing nicotine and propylene glycol.

Nicotine is one of the ingredients contained in tobacco cigarettes, while Propylene glycol is a substance that can cause irritation if inhaled. Usually it is used for the manufacture of shampoo, as a food preservative and solvent medicines.

The Danger Vape (Electronic Cigarette) For Health


Vaping is a new way to enter the nicotine in the body. Nicotine result in adverse effects on the body which increases adrenalin, increased blood pressure and also lead to addiction.


There is a case of child deaths due to this. However, this possibility of risk involved is too large, but should be avoided.

Danger to the respiratory system

There were warnings of electronic cigarette factory which states: For consumers who have lung disease (such as asthma, COPD, bronchitis, pneumonia) resulting vapor electronic cigarette can cause asthma attacks, shortness of breath, and coughing. Do not use this product if you have the above circumstances. This indicates that the product is actually dangerous, particularly to the respiratory system.

Reports of other personal cases treated for diseases caused by electronic cigarettes among others: pneumonia, heart failure, disorientation, convulsions, hypotension, burns caused by the explosion of electronic cigarette in the mouth.

Then, according dr.Devika Yuldharia of, saying that Smoking is a habit that is not good for health. It has now expanded electric cigarette. Electronic Cigarette can be used as an initial step to stop smoking tobacco.

Up to now the use of electric cigarette still be the pros and cons among experts and researchers. Research shows 60% of people who want to quit smoking is expected to launch its efforts if they switch to using electric cigarette. However, other studies show electric cigarette unable to help smokers overcome addiction to smoking if research conducted on a group of smokers in general.

You must remain cautious with e-cigarettes because of their security state, especially for the long term is still unknown. World Health Organization (WHO) has also advocated for the electric cigarette manufacturers do not claim their products as smoking cessation aids until there is strong scientific evidence that supports it.

According to WHO, electric cigarette fumes contain hazardous chemicals that can cause air pollution. According BPOM, e-cigarettes containing nicotine liquid and solvent propylene glycol, dieter glycol and glycerin. If all the material was heated will produce nitrosamine compounds. The compounds can cause cancer.

Several studies have found that the electric cigarette can trigger inflammation in the body, lung infection and increase the risk of asthma, stroke and heart disease.

Therefore, we recommend you reduce smoking, both tobacco cigarette or electric cigarette. Care about your body by making lifestyle changes into a healthy lifestyle by not smoking.

For the more we suggest not using the vape, let alone the ordinary cigarettes. Because both have a risk to your health.

Black Tea Able to Make Healthy Hair

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Indonesian society tends to only recognize two kinds of tea, the sweet tea and unsweetened tea. Whereas, in reality, there is a lot of tea that we can enjoy, namely green tea, black tea, Oolong tea, and so forth. If green tea is widely known as a drink that can make us become more relaxed, than black tea is also no less delicious, it is also able to provide other benefits for our bodies, which can make us healthy hair. How can tea making us healthier hair? 

Overcoming Dandruff
Dandruff is one of the most annoying problems of hair health. Not only do our hair itching, dandruff will also make us produce a white powder which would embarrass us if falling to the shoulders. Wearing black tea in our hair, we would have been better to stop the production of stubborn dandruff. 

Overcoming Hair Branching 
One of the characteristics of unhealthy hair is forked and damaged hair. Hair would look more wrinkled, limp, and did not support our physical appearance at all. Try to wear black tea as a hair mask regularly and the branched hair problem would be reduced. 

Overcoming Hair Loss
 Black tea turned out to contain dihydrotestosterone or DHT, which is excellent in reducing hair loss problems. By regularly wearing hair mask or hair soak in black tea at least once a week, then the hair loss problem will soon be reduced.

Easier Regulated hair color and Awake 
Routine wears a hair mask of black tea will make our hair look neater and easier to handle, not only that, it turns black tea will nourish our hair becomes healthier and the original color is maintained.

Stretching When Waking Up Turns Very Good For Health

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What will you do when you wake up? Advances in technology make a lot of people who directly hold the phone and checking social media so you wake up or at least lazing on the bed first. Although there is nothing wrong in doing these things, in fact, it helps us to stretch so waking. Why? The health expert says if you stretch when you wake up it can provide many health benefits to the body and prepare to perform various activities.

Health experts from Harvard University named Amy Cuddy mention if he would highly recommend anyone to do stretching or stretching when waking up because it will be able to influence our thoughts and emotions. Although it looks simple, it turns out we can have a good self confidence to do activities during the day. Why does this happen? Cuddy said if during sleep, we could experience very bervarisi sleeping position. For example, those who sleep with the condition that curled like a fetus, then they will have a high risk of waking up with the state of mind of stress. By stretching, the stress can be banished and our emotions become so much better.

We can stretch easily, be it on the bed or on the floor near the bed. Move your hands up or move the body to the right and left and when standing, bending the body do the movement upwards and downwards. If necessary, the withdrawal movement slit or sit ups that can make the joints become more supple and comfortable.

Other health experts, Lynn Millar, PhD, who is a physical therapist from Winston-Salem State University, said if stretching is highly recommended to do when I wake up. If we find it difficult to do it every day, at least do two to three times a week in one to two minutes. According to Miller, the stretch will be very good for the muscles and improve postural problems, especially for those who often experience cramping or backache.

Small Changes for Reducing the Number of Calories

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You don’t have to starve in order to cut down calories in your regular diet. There are super easy ways to reduce calories without serious sacrifices: 

1. Keep your body moving 

According to the best NYCdoctors, physical activity contributes to an optimal amount of calories we consume. You don’t necessarily have to spend every day in the gym. A simple walk, dancing, or bike ride are great choices for keeping your body moving and burning some calories.

2. Stop staring at your TV screen 

It’s proved that eating in front of the TV/computer/I-box screen makes us eat more than we intended; for this reason, you should get rid of this habit. Eat your meal slowly, so that your brain has enough time to register fullness. This simple trick will prevent you from overeating and protect from excessive calories. 

3. Eat from smaller plates 

This solution should trick your brain into thinking that you are eating the whole plate while you actually eat less. Our intuitive desire to empty everything can play into our hands! This decision helps to reduce the number of calories in your daily diet, so give it a shot!

4. Dedicate enough time to sleep 

The best NYC doctors underline the importance of healthy sleep habits for our body and diet as well. If we deprive our organism of precious bedtime hours, it starts producing hormones responsible for appetite. Together with fatigue, irritability, and crankiness, excessive appetite is another drawback of improper sleep habits.

Make these simple changes for consuming fewer calories with!

Tutorial to a Healthy Body

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Always wanted to be healthier, but think that it requires a lot of efforts and money?
This article will prove you that taking care of your health can be simple and free!
You just need to comply with all the rules from this article. So, the most important of them are: 

1) Make it longer 

Morning rise 20 minutes earlier.
You can surely say that's a nonsense, and it just shorts your dreams and pleasure, but, in fact, it will extend your conscious life for many years, not for 20 minutes. You will be able to keep much more things. Making physical exercises will be perfect! 

2) Breeze it 

Rinsing a mouth is an elementary way, which will help to postpone the visit to the dentist for a long time. It is necessary to rinse your mouth thoroughly right off after how a person wakes up. If you have mucous problems - add a spoon of vegetable oil. 

3) Sour lifehack 

Squeeze half lemon into a glass of cold water.
Drink through a straw without any haste and it will add strength, energy, and the charge for the whole day. Water with lemon reduces appetite, awakes the energy throughout the body, and invigorates. Be careful with this advice, if you have stomach problems. About this and any others health problems. You can consult with the best barbers. 

4) Healthy meal 

Healthy breakfast set all of the systems in your body to the correct rhythm during the whole day. It should contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins. The perfect breakfast consist of oatmeal with honey and nuts, rye toast with fruit, or porridge with vegetables. 

5) Emotional rest 

Mental health is the same important as physical. Let everybody of your family have an opportunity to relax with thoughts and with a body. For example, you can go fishing, or meet up with friends, or to devote this time to personal pleasure and visit best barbers. Children can walk the dog, play board games, read, or play computer games. Of course, only under the wise supervision of their parents.