7 Signs You Are Running Low on Vitamin D

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You might want to consider taking a stroll in the sun once you notice any of these signs.

1. Hair Loss

Even the best barbers in the world can’t make your hair look good if you are shedding like crazy. Unfortunately, hair loss and even alopecia can be the result of the vitamin D deficiency. The reason behind it is quite simple – vitamin D promotes hair growth. It is exactly what helps your hairs to sprout from their follicles. You might want to either modify your diet or start taking supplements to fix the problem.

2. Dementia And Alzheimer’s Disease

If you want to stave off the age-related changes in your brain functioning, we recommend considering checking your vitamin D levels. The lack of it can lead to cognitive decline as well as the changes in the brain structure. It all can promote dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. If you want to avoid such symptoms as memory loss, concentration impairment, and attention disorders, you should start taking vitamins on a regular basis. Consult your doctor as soon as you notice any of these signs.

3. Eczema

This particular skin condition can also be a result of the insufficient amount of vitamin D in your body. It may not appear because of it, but it can certainly get worse if it is already present. Sometimes there is no way for you to get the much-needed element from the sun. In this case, you might want to talk to your doctor and ask about the treatment suitable for your particular situation. 

4. Depression 

Have you been feeling down lately? If you have, you might need to get yourself tested. Believe it or not, but depression can be caused by the disbalance of the chemicals in your body. First of all, try to determine what the reason behind your sadness is. You chances of getting a vitamin D deficiency related depression are especially high during the wintertime. The lack of sun can be detrimental to your physical as well as mental health, and you have to find solutions for this particular problem. 

5. Urinary Tract Infection 

Suffering from UTIs or any other type of infection? Well, guess what? You probably don’t have enough vitamin D in your system. Unfortunately, its insufficiency can prevent your body from creating necessary natural antibiotics. They help you to battle inflammation and infection on a daily basis. It is precisely why you tend to go sick during the colder seasons. The lack of sun influences your vitamin D levels and allows nasty stuff to take a temporary residence in your anatomy. 

6. Erectile Dysfunction 

There is a chance you are vitamin D deficient if you are having trouble with keeping it up. Although, there might also be other reasons behind your erectile dysfunction. Either way, we suggest talking to your doctor. In many cases, the problem is rather insignificant and can be treated with time. No need to be ashamed and insecure, buddy. There is a 30% chance your trouble can be fixed by leisurely walking in the sun and taking supplements with your dinner for a couple of weeks.

7. Teeth Problems 

If your gums are hurting and your teeth start to fall out randomly – you need to go to a doctor. However, there is a chance nothing extremely horrible is happening to you, and you simply lack a lot of vitamin D. Kidding, kidding, your pearly whites are not likely to escape your mouth in the nearest future. Thank God, this mainly happens to older people. In order to prevent this set of unfortunate events, we recommend keeping tabs on the vitamin balance in your system. You might need to start taking supplements when you reach the specific age, though. It will protect your teeth as well as ensure their health and functionality. Make sure to consult both your dentist and your physician on this particular topic. It will enable you to deal with the trouble at hand properly.

We highly recommend visiting your family doctor as soon as you notice any of these 7 symptoms. They can be the result of the lack of some of the much-needed elements, but they can also be indicators that there is something seriously wrong with your body. It’s important not try to fix any of these problems yourself!

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