Common Reasons of Extra Hair Shedding

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There is a big difference between losing some hair and experiencing major shedding. Find out about the possible causes of your problem:

1. Dramatic experiences 

Dramatic events exposing your organism to serious physical or emotional stress can lead to extra hair shedding. If you suffered from serious illness or had a major injury, then no wonder you have a hair problem. Emotional stress can also worsen the condition of your thatch, so pay attention to your physical and spiritual health.

2. Washing in hard water 

According to Manhattan hair professionals, poor condition of the water can affect the state of your hair negatively. If you live in the old house, then the water supply system might be outdated. You can fight the effects of hard water by clarifying your mane at least once a week. 

3. Harsh styling habits 

It’s possible to provoke extra shedding if you have harsh styling habits and wrong maintenance in general. Daily usage of styling products can devastate your hair and disrupt its natural growth patterns. Frequent exposure to heat is also harmful, especially if you reach for thermal appliances on a daily basis. Revise your styling habits to make your hair feel better!

4. Lack of proper nutrients 

A balanced diet means healthy hair; improper nutrition equals weak hair. Manhattan hair professionals underline the importance of magnesium, iron, and protein for having a healthy thatch. If your daily diet lacks these elements, then your organism can send you signals with the help of hair shedding.

Analyze this information and determine the cause of your problem!

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