Small Changes for Reducing the Number of Calories

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You don’t have to starve in order to cut down calories in your regular diet. There are super easy ways to reduce calories without serious sacrifices: 

1. Keep your body moving 

According to the best NYCdoctors, physical activity contributes to an optimal amount of calories we consume. You don’t necessarily have to spend every day in the gym. A simple walk, dancing, or bike ride are great choices for keeping your body moving and burning some calories.

2. Stop staring at your TV screen 

It’s proved that eating in front of the TV/computer/I-box screen makes us eat more than we intended; for this reason, you should get rid of this habit. Eat your meal slowly, so that your brain has enough time to register fullness. This simple trick will prevent you from overeating and protect from excessive calories. 

3. Eat from smaller plates 

This solution should trick your brain into thinking that you are eating the whole plate while you actually eat less. Our intuitive desire to empty everything can play into our hands! This decision helps to reduce the number of calories in your daily diet, so give it a shot!

4. Dedicate enough time to sleep 

The best NYC doctors underline the importance of healthy sleep habits for our body and diet as well. If we deprive our organism of precious bedtime hours, it starts producing hormones responsible for appetite. Together with fatigue, irritability, and crankiness, excessive appetite is another drawback of improper sleep habits.

Make these simple changes for consuming fewer calories with!

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