Stretching When Waking Up Turns Very Good For Health

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What will you do when you wake up? Advances in technology make a lot of people who directly hold the phone and checking social media so you wake up or at least lazing on the bed first. Although there is nothing wrong in doing these things, in fact, it helps us to stretch so waking. Why? The health expert says if you stretch when you wake up it can provide many health benefits to the body and prepare to perform various activities.

Health experts from Harvard University named Amy Cuddy mention if he would highly recommend anyone to do stretching or stretching when waking up because it will be able to influence our thoughts and emotions. Although it looks simple, it turns out we can have a good self confidence to do activities during the day. Why does this happen? Cuddy said if during sleep, we could experience very bervarisi sleeping position. For example, those who sleep with the condition that curled like a fetus, then they will have a high risk of waking up with the state of mind of stress. By stretching, the stress can be banished and our emotions become so much better.

We can stretch easily, be it on the bed or on the floor near the bed. Move your hands up or move the body to the right and left and when standing, bending the body do the movement upwards and downwards. If necessary, the withdrawal movement slit or sit ups that can make the joints become more supple and comfortable.

Other health experts, Lynn Millar, PhD, who is a physical therapist from Winston-Salem State University, said if stretching is highly recommended to do when I wake up. If we find it difficult to do it every day, at least do two to three times a week in one to two minutes. According to Miller, the stretch will be very good for the muscles and improve postural problems, especially for those who often experience cramping or backache.

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