The Danger Vape Electronic Cigarette For Health

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Lately, the electronic cigarette or commonly called vape already started to be discussed. There were some who said that using the vape is better than the conventional cigarette smoking in general. But apparently it is mistaken, both are equally to be hazardous to health.

Using vape (vaping) does not produce smoke like the burning of tobacco in cigarettes, but the steam. But the bottom line remains the effect produced when the vapor exhaled vaping indoors.

Effects on other people (second hand smoke) remain considering the use of this electronic cigarette nicotine produces particulate emissions and other harmful substances into the air in a confined space, it is because in the vaping liquid containing nicotine and propylene glycol.

Nicotine is one of the ingredients contained in tobacco cigarettes, while Propylene glycol is a substance that can cause irritation if inhaled. Usually it is used for the manufacture of shampoo, as a food preservative and solvent medicines.

The Danger Vape (Electronic Cigarette) For Health


Vaping is a new way to enter the nicotine in the body. Nicotine result in adverse effects on the body which increases adrenalin, increased blood pressure and also lead to addiction.


There is a case of child deaths due to this. However, this possibility of risk involved is too large, but should be avoided.

Danger to the respiratory system

There were warnings of electronic cigarette factory which states: For consumers who have lung disease (such as asthma, COPD, bronchitis, pneumonia) resulting vapor electronic cigarette can cause asthma attacks, shortness of breath, and coughing. Do not use this product if you have the above circumstances. This indicates that the product is actually dangerous, particularly to the respiratory system.

Reports of other personal cases treated for diseases caused by electronic cigarettes among others: pneumonia, heart failure, disorientation, convulsions, hypotension, burns caused by the explosion of electronic cigarette in the mouth.

Then, according dr.Devika Yuldharia of, saying that Smoking is a habit that is not good for health. It has now expanded electric cigarette. Electronic Cigarette can be used as an initial step to stop smoking tobacco.

Up to now the use of electric cigarette still be the pros and cons among experts and researchers. Research shows 60% of people who want to quit smoking is expected to launch its efforts if they switch to using electric cigarette. However, other studies show electric cigarette unable to help smokers overcome addiction to smoking if research conducted on a group of smokers in general.

You must remain cautious with e-cigarettes because of their security state, especially for the long term is still unknown. World Health Organization (WHO) has also advocated for the electric cigarette manufacturers do not claim their products as smoking cessation aids until there is strong scientific evidence that supports it.

According to WHO, electric cigarette fumes contain hazardous chemicals that can cause air pollution. According BPOM, e-cigarettes containing nicotine liquid and solvent propylene glycol, dieter glycol and glycerin. If all the material was heated will produce nitrosamine compounds. The compounds can cause cancer.

Several studies have found that the electric cigarette can trigger inflammation in the body, lung infection and increase the risk of asthma, stroke and heart disease.

Therefore, we recommend you reduce smoking, both tobacco cigarette or electric cigarette. Care about your body by making lifestyle changes into a healthy lifestyle by not smoking.

For the more we suggest not using the vape, let alone the ordinary cigarettes. Because both have a risk to your health.

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