Tutorial to a Healthy Body

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Always wanted to be healthier, but think that it requires a lot of efforts and money?
This article will prove you that taking care of your health can be simple and free!
You just need to comply with all the rules from this article. So, the most important of them are: 

1) Make it longer 

Morning rise 20 minutes earlier.
You can surely say that's a nonsense, and it just shorts your dreams and pleasure, but, in fact, it will extend your conscious life for many years, not for 20 minutes. You will be able to keep much more things. Making physical exercises will be perfect! 

2) Breeze it 

Rinsing a mouth is an elementary way, which will help to postpone the visit to the dentist for a long time. It is necessary to rinse your mouth thoroughly right off after how a person wakes up. If you have mucous problems - add a spoon of vegetable oil. 

3) Sour lifehack 

Squeeze half lemon into a glass of cold water.
Drink through a straw without any haste and it will add strength, energy, and the charge for the whole day. Water with lemon reduces appetite, awakes the energy throughout the body, and invigorates. Be careful with this advice, if you have stomach problems. About this and any others health problems. You can consult with the best barbers. 

4) Healthy meal 

Healthy breakfast set all of the systems in your body to the correct rhythm during the whole day. It should contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins. The perfect breakfast consist of oatmeal with honey and nuts, rye toast with fruit, or porridge with vegetables. 

5) Emotional rest 

Mental health is the same important as physical. Let everybody of your family have an opportunity to relax with thoughts and with a body. For example, you can go fishing, or meet up with friends, or to devote this time to personal pleasure and visit best barbers. Children can walk the dog, play board games, read, or play computer games. Of course, only under the wise supervision of their parents.

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