How to Stay Healthy This Winter

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Winter can be a challenging season for you and your family. Viruses and bacteria test our immune systems at work, at school, at any place. Nevertheless, you should not despair and barricade yourself at home. Here are tips that will help to stay active and healthy during cold season.  

Tip #1 Wash them up 

One of the rules of the best barber in New York everyone should follow is to wash hands as often as possible. Create a rule of washing hands for at least 30 seconds in the lukewarm water before eating, after you go to the bathroom, and when you come back home. Don’t forget to wash under fingernails, too; it’s a place where germs prefer to lurk. 

Tip #2 Toothbrush Changing 

It is advisable to change toothbrush every month. However, there is a peculiar need of changing toothbrush after you’ve had a cold, the flu, sore throat or a mouth infection. Even though your immune system has won the illness, there is a possibility to get reinfected via toothbrush. Always keep a spare toothbrush in stock. 

Tip #3 Drink Enough Water 

During winter months, it is doubtless that you will feel thirsty. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that your body has proper hydration balance. Water helps our organism to carry nutrients and get rid of toxins. Best barber in New York underlines that dehydration can influence the state of your hair, skin, and even nails; moreover, you will be more prone to get sick. Try to drink half of your weight in ounces daily (E.g. If the weight is 100, drink 50 ounces). 

Tip #4 Take Care of Your Feet 

For our feet, winter is a period of heavy shoes, boots, and socks; as a result, skin can dry out and get cracked. It is advisable to moisturize feet every day by using a moisturizing cream or essential oils.  

Tip #5 Fiber Is the Secret  

Fiber increases anti-inflammatory proteins and, thus, can help to reduce inflammation and to strengthen the immune system. It can be found in products like oats, apples, and nuts. Specialists recommend getting 25 grams of fiber a day (E.g. One apple contains 3.5 grams of fiber).   

Tip #6 Secret Ingredients 

Recent research has shown that immune system can be boosted with the help of simple and affordable products. Surprisingly, mushrooms are one of them. Add lots of mushrooms, especially shiitakes and white button mushrooms to your diet and get protected against colds and viruses.
Follow these simple tips and stay healthy despite the weather!

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