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Everybody knows that eating vitamins and minerals is very important for normal functioning of our mind and body. Nonetheless, have you ever wondered about benefits of consuming this or that particular group of vitamins? It is time to look deeper into Vitamin D group and define how it affects our organism, hair, skin, and nails. Our professionals at a hair salon in NYC offer you three interesting facts about Vitamin D you should be aware of.

Hair growth and health
You may be surprised, but vitamin D is responsible for your shiny and strong locks. Dull and brittle hair and nails can be a sign of vitamin D deficiency. Foods, highly rich in vitamin D, for example, fish, stimulate new hairs to grow and provide you with thick, glossy mane.

Weight loss
It is proven that lack of vitamin D in your body can affect obesity. It is extremely important to control the level of this mineral in your blood; especially of you are on a diet. If you want to become slim faster and easier, try to eat more vitamin D containing foods.

Good mood 
Low levels of Vitamin D can lead to unreasonably bad mood and serious depressions. If you feel low and tired without any obvious reason, consult your doctor and find out whether you have a lack of some vitamins or it is a simple black line in your life.
Be attentive to your health, listen to your body, and you will have a long and happy life. 

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