How to Fight Excessive Oiliness of Your Hair (MEN)

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1. Wash your hair properly
This sounds counterintuitive but excessive washing can make your hair feel excessively oily. According to NYC barbers, over-washing deprives our hair of important oils and natural moisture; therefore, scalp starts producing even more oil to restore the normal balance. Wash your hair less often and stop encouraging your scalp to over-produce oil!

2. Buy clarifying shampoo
If you want to win the war against excessive oiliness, you will need a clarifying shampoo in your arsenal. This product helps to get rid of buildup left from your conditioner, shampoo, hair spray, etc. NYC barbers recommend clarifying once a week, and your scalp and hair will be free!

3. Use heated tools wisely
Reckless usage of heated tools can also become a reason of greasy hair problem. Excessive exposure to heat messes up a system of sebum production, making your hair oily very quickly. Minimize the usage of heated appliances to keep your scalp and hair healthy!

4. Choose right products
If you have problems with excessive oiliness, you should be very careful when choosing hair products. Heavy products such as serums, gels, crèmes, and mousses only contribute to the problem. That’s why you should make wise choices at the store and avoid products aggravating greasiness!

5. Dry shampoo is a friend
Dry shampoo is a must-have for men who suffer from greasy hair problem. This product will help to keep your hair fresh and oil-free without washing. Just apply a small amount of this product to your roots, and the results with surprise you!

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