Sleeping Rules for All Beauties

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Hello to all sleeping beauties. How often you think about your hair during the night? Does it bother you that your hair becomes seriously damaged while you are sleeping and needs some protection? Every time you dream of having beautiful shine locks, you have to remember that it needs a proper care even in bad. Our professionals at New York hair salon offer you three most important hair care tips every girl are to know, before going to sleep.

You should never ever fall asleep with wet hair. It literally kills your hair follicles a leads to major hair loss. Sleeping with flowing hair is also a serious mistake. It would be better to gather your strands in low, not too tight ponytail or braids. This trick will help you to avoid tangling and split ends, so you can start your morning with a cup of odorous coffee and not with painful detangling.

Overnight mask
Pamper your hair and apply some nutritious and moisturizing mask for the whole night. It can be a special hair product from the nearest drugstore, or natural mask, made of things you have in your fridge. Massaging your scalp is also a good idea for deep relaxation.

Try to choose pillowcases made from cotton or silk. These materials prevent your hair from tangling, split ends, and other damages. Avoid rough, uncomfortable pillows. They will ruin your sleep and cause breakages.
Follow our easy tips, and you will have a beautiful, healthy and shiny mane.

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