Don’t Fight with The Fever

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Fever is caused by various reasons like illnesses and irritations. Although fever follows a malfunction, it is itself a defensive reaction, which causes the infection or the irritator to go away. Like the long-term procedure in hair salons in New York City, the fever itself causes discomfort, but it results in positive aftermaths. Therefore, you should not get rid of the fever but treat it properly to let your body defend itself.

1. Keeping track of the temperature
Fever is considered to be a body temperature above 98.6 degrees (37 degrees Celsius). Check if your temperature is too high and keep track of it every hour or two. If the temperature keeps getting higher, call a doctor or a friend/relative and inform about any difficulties you experience.

2. General behavior
If the temperature is not changing rapidly, it is essential to isolate yourself from both friends and relatives, as you may be contagious. Bring some water to your room and always stay hydrated. Try to sleep in case your temperature is not too high, sleeping will help your body recover faster. You can snack some saltines to decrease the irritation. Except for reducing the temperature with medications, damp a cloth with some cool water and apply it on your forehead.

3. Pills
It is not recommended to use medications in order to treat fever, but you can treat the symptoms like severe headaches and dizziness. Don’t use pills which may change your general condition radically.

Be self-disciplined and follow these instructions. If you are experiencing serious concerns like vomiting, blurry vision, slurred speech, etc., don’t wait for the complications and call your physician.

What is Your Normal Heart Rate?

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Physicians tend to ask people their normal pulse, and mainly there is no strict answer. It is essential to know how to check your pulse and determine your normal heart rate, especially if you keep track of your health condition using a health diary.

1. The spots
Use both the index and middle finger to find your radial or carotid pulse. The radial pulse spot is located on the inner side of the wrist, just below it creases the thumb area. Press slightly and move your fingers a bit to find the pulse. The carotid pulse area is on your neck just below the jaw (that scary area men watch to be shaved with a single-blade razor in the NYCbarbershops). Place your finger between the large neck muscle and the windpipe, press slightly and find the pulse.

2. I can’t find it
The first thing you should try is to use the fingertips except for laying them across. Try adding or decreasing the pressure. If you try the wrist spot, you can try placing your hand towards the floor. It will slightly change the blood flow through the wrist. The pulse is always there, just find it, or buy yourself a stethoscope and count by listening to you chest.

3. How to measure?
You will need a clock, a watch, or stopwatch, whatever. Count the number of beats for sixty seconds. For adults, the resting heart rate varies between 60 and 100 pulsations per minute (70-120 for children under 18). The strength of your pulse will indicate the condition of your heart and vascular system, although it can be precisely measured only by physicians. If you want to find the target heart rate, firstly subtract your current age from 220 to find the maximal heart rate. Exercise for 30 minutes and measure your pulse right away (or during the exercise). The expected number may be 60 to 85 percent of your maximal expected heart rate, which makes the target heart rate.

Be accurate about your general condition. Any activity or malfunction will affect your pulse (including the emotional stance).

Top 3 Reasons of Early Hair Graying

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Gray hair... Some of us feel sad, when they see first gray hairs on our head, other ones right the opposite – feel happy.  No matter how do you feel about gray hair, sooner or later the moment will come, and your head turns to be ashen. Modern fashion states that gray hair is a mark of mature, experienced and successful men, so you should think twice before coloring your hair in order to get rid of hated strands. If you always lack self-confidence and gravity, gray hair is a wonderful way to gain a foothold. Visit one of the best Barbershops in NYC to find your new ashy hairstyle.

For those men, who want to slow down the process of aging, here are three main reasons of early hair grayness.

Reason #1 Stress

Of course, stress cannot cause gray strands directly, but as we all know, all our diseases are because of it. The stress itself and those hormones your body produces at that moment affect the whole organism, especially skin and hair. In some cases, people can even go bald, after some long and serious stressful situations. Try not to worry about trifles and stay calm no matter what. If you are a very emotional person, you should try some yoga maybe. 

Reason #2 Nationality

Your nationality affects your hair color.  There is no hint of racism, only science! Last researches showed that Caucasian and read headed people turn gray earliest of all. Asian people are a little bit luckier in this question. African-Americans won the first, so they notice first ashy strand on their heads after all. Unfortunately, there are no assumptions why it happened so, but modern science develops constantly. Who knows, maybe soon we will find out the answer.

Reason #3 Lifestyle

Now, let’s talk about bad habits if you have any. Nicotine and alcohol influence your body, hair, and nails in a bad way.  They lead to the lack of vitamin B12, which produces coloring pigment for your hairs. To fix the situation try to smoke less and include to your daily ration useful products like carrot, liver, and apples. These foods contain vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants, which help to protect your hairs and stimulate new ones to grow.

Our professionals at one of the best Barbershops in NYC are always ready to answer all your questions and help you to deal with your hair problems.

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Women's Secrets: How to Keep Your Locks Hydrated

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Proper hydration is the main prerequisite of healthy and beautiful hair. Keeping your hair hydrated sometimes becomes quite challenging, but women have learned how to overcome this challenge:

1. Reduce washing frequency
Excessively frequent washing is a threat to the moisture balance of your hair. Over-washing deprives your locks of precious natural oils and essential moisture, so you should slow down. Experts at Prestige Beauty Salon recommend washing your hair not more often than every other day.

2. Moisturizing properties
If you fail to provide your hair with enough moisture, you should definitely renew arsenal of your hair products. Go to the store and look for products with moisturizing properties. They will keep your locks hydrated and eliminate the chance of getting dry.

3. Don’t ignore conditioner
According to experts at Prestige Beauty Salon, conditioner is the richest source of moisture, that’s why you should never ignore it. Moisturizing properties of this product will help you to keep your locks hydrated and have no worries about moisture level of your hair.

4. Keep your body hydrated
Hydrated hair starts with a hydrated body. Very few people actually drink enough water and seem to be fine with it. However, you should give your body 2 liters of water every day, and your hair will appreciate it!

5. Avoid drying ingredients
Not all hair products were created equal, and you should strongly avoid some of them. Alcohol-based products, for example, tend to disrupt proper moisture balance and make your hair feel dry. Wise choices at the store can help you to prevent serious hair problems, so be attentive!

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Healthy Tips for Winter Skin Care

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Winter is truly upon us, and the majority of men have already changed their fall wardrobe to more warm winter clothes. That’s great; you feel warm and protected from fierce winter wind. Have you ever thought about changes you should be making in your grooming routine? The good thing for every man – a few small things can make all the difference. Barbers at West Village barber shop have prepared a list of tips on how to change your grooming routine to have healthy skin.

Tip #1 Know your type
Unfortunately, you won’t get great results with your skin care regimen if you don’t know what you have to work with. Skin type can range from dry to oily with variation somewhere in between or combination of the two. If your skin belongs to the extreme end of these two kinds, the usage of proper products is vital.

Tip #2 What about hands?
We often forget about care for our hands, despite the fact they are constantly exposed to the cold. The best variant to protect your mitts is to wear gloves. If it is not for you, purchase a decent cream. This product is a must if you work outdoors or need to wash hands often. 

Tip #3 Champagne, kisses
Christmas time is near, and we are sure you dream about a kiss under the mistletoe! If you do, you for sure want your lips to be in tip top condition. If you don’t, you still don’t want to suffer from such irritating and painful thing as cracked lips. Invest in a good lip balm with SPF (yes, you need SPF filters even in winter) and use every time you go outside. 

Tip #4 Eyes tell more
You can’t look refreshed and healthy if you have dark circles under your eyes. Specialists at the West Village barber shop recommend investing in eye roll-ons to reduce swelling around the eyes and provide it with the extra spark.  

Tip #5 Moisturize
Your skin care kit should include skin moisturizers for at least two seasons: summer and winter; moreover, they should have the different effect. The needs of your skin are entirely different depending on the season of the year. In winter, it is advisable to use moisturizing product suitable for your skin type twice a day. If you have a long walk (for instance, way to work), apply the product as often as needed.
We hope these simple changes to your skincare routine will help your skin to survive this winter.  

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