Don’t Fight with The Fever

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Fever is caused by various reasons like illnesses and irritations. Although fever follows a malfunction, it is itself a defensive reaction, which causes the infection or the irritator to go away. Like the long-term procedure in hair salons in New York City, the fever itself causes discomfort, but it results in positive aftermaths. Therefore, you should not get rid of the fever but treat it properly to let your body defend itself.

1. Keeping track of the temperature
Fever is considered to be a body temperature above 98.6 degrees (37 degrees Celsius). Check if your temperature is too high and keep track of it every hour or two. If the temperature keeps getting higher, call a doctor or a friend/relative and inform about any difficulties you experience.

2. General behavior
If the temperature is not changing rapidly, it is essential to isolate yourself from both friends and relatives, as you may be contagious. Bring some water to your room and always stay hydrated. Try to sleep in case your temperature is not too high, sleeping will help your body recover faster. You can snack some saltines to decrease the irritation. Except for reducing the temperature with medications, damp a cloth with some cool water and apply it on your forehead.

3. Pills
It is not recommended to use medications in order to treat fever, but you can treat the symptoms like severe headaches and dizziness. Don’t use pills which may change your general condition radically.

Be self-disciplined and follow these instructions. If you are experiencing serious concerns like vomiting, blurry vision, slurred speech, etc., don’t wait for the complications and call your physician.

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