Healthy Tips for Winter Skin Care

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Winter is truly upon us, and the majority of men have already changed their fall wardrobe to more warm winter clothes. That’s great; you feel warm and protected from fierce winter wind. Have you ever thought about changes you should be making in your grooming routine? The good thing for every man – a few small things can make all the difference. Barbers at West Village barber shop have prepared a list of tips on how to change your grooming routine to have healthy skin.

Tip #1 Know your type
Unfortunately, you won’t get great results with your skin care regimen if you don’t know what you have to work with. Skin type can range from dry to oily with variation somewhere in between or combination of the two. If your skin belongs to the extreme end of these two kinds, the usage of proper products is vital.

Tip #2 What about hands?
We often forget about care for our hands, despite the fact they are constantly exposed to the cold. The best variant to protect your mitts is to wear gloves. If it is not for you, purchase a decent cream. This product is a must if you work outdoors or need to wash hands often. 

Tip #3 Champagne, kisses
Christmas time is near, and we are sure you dream about a kiss under the mistletoe! If you do, you for sure want your lips to be in tip top condition. If you don’t, you still don’t want to suffer from such irritating and painful thing as cracked lips. Invest in a good lip balm with SPF (yes, you need SPF filters even in winter) and use every time you go outside. 

Tip #4 Eyes tell more
You can’t look refreshed and healthy if you have dark circles under your eyes. Specialists at the West Village barber shop recommend investing in eye roll-ons to reduce swelling around the eyes and provide it with the extra spark.  

Tip #5 Moisturize
Your skin care kit should include skin moisturizers for at least two seasons: summer and winter; moreover, they should have the different effect. The needs of your skin are entirely different depending on the season of the year. In winter, it is advisable to use moisturizing product suitable for your skin type twice a day. If you have a long walk (for instance, way to work), apply the product as often as needed.
We hope these simple changes to your skincare routine will help your skin to survive this winter.  

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