Top 3 Reasons of Early Hair Graying

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Gray hair... Some of us feel sad, when they see first gray hairs on our head, other ones right the opposite – feel happy.  No matter how do you feel about gray hair, sooner or later the moment will come, and your head turns to be ashen. Modern fashion states that gray hair is a mark of mature, experienced and successful men, so you should think twice before coloring your hair in order to get rid of hated strands. If you always lack self-confidence and gravity, gray hair is a wonderful way to gain a foothold. Visit one of the best Barbershops in NYC to find your new ashy hairstyle.

For those men, who want to slow down the process of aging, here are three main reasons of early hair grayness.

Reason #1 Stress

Of course, stress cannot cause gray strands directly, but as we all know, all our diseases are because of it. The stress itself and those hormones your body produces at that moment affect the whole organism, especially skin and hair. In some cases, people can even go bald, after some long and serious stressful situations. Try not to worry about trifles and stay calm no matter what. If you are a very emotional person, you should try some yoga maybe. 

Reason #2 Nationality

Your nationality affects your hair color.  There is no hint of racism, only science! Last researches showed that Caucasian and read headed people turn gray earliest of all. Asian people are a little bit luckier in this question. African-Americans won the first, so they notice first ashy strand on their heads after all. Unfortunately, there are no assumptions why it happened so, but modern science develops constantly. Who knows, maybe soon we will find out the answer.

Reason #3 Lifestyle

Now, let’s talk about bad habits if you have any. Nicotine and alcohol influence your body, hair, and nails in a bad way.  They lead to the lack of vitamin B12, which produces coloring pigment for your hairs. To fix the situation try to smoke less and include to your daily ration useful products like carrot, liver, and apples. These foods contain vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants, which help to protect your hairs and stimulate new ones to grow.

Our professionals at one of the best Barbershops in NYC are always ready to answer all your questions and help you to deal with your hair problems.

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