What is Your Normal Heart Rate?

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Physicians tend to ask people their normal pulse, and mainly there is no strict answer. It is essential to know how to check your pulse and determine your normal heart rate, especially if you keep track of your health condition using a health diary.

1. The spots
Use both the index and middle finger to find your radial or carotid pulse. The radial pulse spot is located on the inner side of the wrist, just below it creases the thumb area. Press slightly and move your fingers a bit to find the pulse. The carotid pulse area is on your neck just below the jaw (that scary area men watch to be shaved with a single-blade razor in the NYCbarbershops). Place your finger between the large neck muscle and the windpipe, press slightly and find the pulse.

2. I can’t find it
The first thing you should try is to use the fingertips except for laying them across. Try adding or decreasing the pressure. If you try the wrist spot, you can try placing your hand towards the floor. It will slightly change the blood flow through the wrist. The pulse is always there, just find it, or buy yourself a stethoscope and count by listening to you chest.

3. How to measure?
You will need a clock, a watch, or stopwatch, whatever. Count the number of beats for sixty seconds. For adults, the resting heart rate varies between 60 and 100 pulsations per minute (70-120 for children under 18). The strength of your pulse will indicate the condition of your heart and vascular system, although it can be precisely measured only by physicians. If you want to find the target heart rate, firstly subtract your current age from 220 to find the maximal heart rate. Exercise for 30 minutes and measure your pulse right away (or during the exercise). The expected number may be 60 to 85 percent of your maximal expected heart rate, which makes the target heart rate.

Be accurate about your general condition. Any activity or malfunction will affect your pulse (including the emotional stance).

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