B Vitamins Explained

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You may have read about the importance of vitamin B in nearly any broad diet plan. The truth is that there are eight vitamins in the B group, which make a complex. The benefits from taking each one are different, but consuming all of them is considered to be healthy.

1. B1
The B1 vitamin is supporting the immune system and is also responsible for the breakdown of carbohydrates; therefore, the B1 consumption may decrease your fatigue level by bringing more energy from carbos.

2. B2 (riboflavin)
This one is an antioxidant, which decreases the damage dealt to skin cells. It also promotes the blood production and lowers the headache occurrences.

3. B3
It shares the responsibilities of the B1 vitamin but also boosts the level of good cholesterol. The B3 is recommended for those who drink regularly. Ironically, the overdosing damages the liver.  

4. B5 and B7
The B5 vitamin promotes healthy skin, reduces acne, and also decreases the thinning of hair. Experts from the best hair salons in New York recommend the B5 vitamin in conjunction with the B7, which decreases the brittleness of hair and nails.

5. B6
Besides supporting the red blood cells production, the B7 vitamin helps you to sleep well and avoid depression; however, the going above the normal dose leads to numbness in legs and arms.

6. B9 (folic acid)
The folic acid intake prevents anemia and slow memory loss. Pregnant women should consume 1.5 of their normal dose to prevent birth defects. Make sure your pregnant wife has a balanced diet. 

7. B12
One of the most essential vitamins in terms of body construction, the B12 vitamin is involved in DNA creation. It also keeps your nerve and blood cells healthy. Unfortunately for vegans, the B12 comes from meat products only, which means you need to add supplements to your diet. 

Consult with your physician about your daily doses of the vitamin B group. Consider blood examinations to check your vitamin level (and test your overall health as well).

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