Restore Your Voice Without Medicines

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Getting the voice back is an issue for people whose job includes any kind of public speaking or singing. You can promote the recovering process with no medications, though. The methods are simple and don’t require much effort.

1. Gargling
You can use saltwater or mouthwash to gargle your throat. The point is to hydrate the throat and soften the vocal chords. Mouthwash is necessary in case bacteria caused the voice loss. The solution you use to gargle shouldn’t be hot, though. A hot liquid will only scorch your throat lining.

2. Steaming
Another way of hydration is the steaming method. Put a towel on the top of your head (don’t wrap it), bring a pot of hot water and then place your head over the pot. Let the steam swirl around the sinus cavity, but don’t dig the bowl with your nose and don’t inhale by force. Retain the position for a few minutes and repeat up to four times a day.

3. Liquid consumption
All the beverages you consume should be warm, not hot. You should avoid acidic beverages (and foods, of course) like tea with lemon. The acid will only worsen the inflammation, and there is no direct positive impact on your vocal chords caused by tea with lemon in particular. Another misconception is connected with dairy. Although they have a soothing effect, dairy products cover up the problem for a while. Fortunately, there is no hidden truth behind the honey, feel free to add it in your milk and tea (we know you won’t mix it with just water).

I was once visiting one of the NYC barbershops, and a barber said that “stay hydrated” is a general advice in any case. It is useful, though, because water promotes you voice restoration. Drink a lot.